William Bonac shows a huge physique that he is building “brick by brick” for Olympia 2022

William Bonac seems to have made some significant improvements in his latest physics update.

Guillaume Bonac isn’t one for summer physical updates on social media, but he decided to make one recently. He is one of the most conditioned athletes in bodybuilding and has further improved his physique in preparation for Olympia 2022.

Bonac was able to return to the Arnold Classic stage in 2022 after struggling with his trip last year. He finished second in Brandon Curry but will have another chance at the biggest show of the year. Bonac was able to win the 2022 Boston Pro and land his ticket to Las Vegas in December.

In the Men’s Open there is a large group of competitors who can finish in the top three or top five at this year’s Olympia. Bonac is in this category. In 2021, Bonac was on course to finish by finishing sixth. This year, Bonac will be looking to bring their best package to the stage.

Guillaume Bonac

William Bonac “leave no stone unturned” this offseason

William Bonac took to Instagram to share this physical update and his current weight jumps to 260.8 pounds. He looks extremely shredded at this weight and will definitely pull off some of that before stepping onto the Olympic stage.

“I wasn’t supposed to post my recent pic, but I’m so excited with the improvements I’ve made in a few months that I wanted to share it with my IG family, fans, and supporters.

I went from 105kg to 118.3kg since I started my off-season preparation with my coach @thedietdoc & training partners @candrick29

I have 2kg left to do to reach our goal!
Brick by brick, without neglecting anything in December @mrolympialc 2022👑”

After the Arnold Classic 2022, William Bonac’s gynecomastia was discussed on stage. This, along with bloating in the midsection, could have cost him the title, but Bonac worked through the issues. He’s sworn to fix them and by the looks of it, he’s on the right track.

Many people think that this cost the title to Bonac and some are surprised. Either way, he’s building a championship physique in many ways. There is no doubt that William Bonac will be looking to bounce back from Olympia and the 2021 Arnold Classic in March. It could be scary for the competition if Bonac shows up at his best.

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Teresa E. Burton