Why fans are so obsessed with 90 Day Fiancé’s weight loss transformations

90 Day Fiancé fans love watching the co-stars thrive and the weight loss transformations are mesmerizing. Especially when they have a sordid history.

Over the years, 90 day fiance fans have grown attached to the co-stars and enjoy watching their journeys, but the franchise stars’ weight loss transformations seem to inspire viewers. As the episodes and season progress, viewers find themselves both loving and despising many of the 90 day fiance stars, but they appreciate when co-stars thrive. Over the years, many of the franchise’s co-stars have shared their weight loss journeys. Anfisa Arkhipchenko from 90 day fiance and the spin-off 90 daysy Fiancé: Happily Ever After?lost 26 pounds, pursued her passion for bodybuilding, and even placed in the top five for various competitions.


Danielle Jbali also appeared in two spin-offs, including 90 Day Fiance: The Single Life. She lost over 15 pounds by eating healthier and exercising more. Paola Mayfield has acted in several 90 day fiance spin-offs and became a personal trainer and Zumba instructor. She even showed off her pro wrestling skills.

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However, some transformations are more fascinating. Perhaps it is the dramatic transformation of old versus new. Or maybe that’s the narrative behind the co-star. Anyway, some weight loss makeovers are more memorable.

Tiffany Franco – 70 pounds

Tiffany Franco of 90 Day Fiancé weight loss transformation.

Tiffany Franco is known for her whirlwind romance with ex-husband Ronald Smith. At one point, Tiffany refused to visit Ronald in South Africa because of his childish ways. After going on a long guilt trip about wanting to be with her family, Tiffany changed her mind, only to be dissatisfied. The seditious couple separated, which led her to focus more on the children and on herself. Unfortunately, she was not losing weight as she expected, so she had gastric sleeve surgery in June 2021. Since then, she has lost 70 pounds.

Angela Deem – 100 lbs.

Angela Deem 90 Day Fiance

Viewers witnessed the start of 90 days of the groom Angela Deem’s transformation as she underwent weight loss and breast reduction surgery, instead of using the money for fertility treatments. She claimed it was for health as it was “difficult to breathe” for her, but then reversed the breast reduction. Since the weight loss surgery, she has lost 100 pounds. Although some of the other modifications were also assisted by surgeries, the transformation since its appearance until today is certainly impressive. However, so was their relationship, as fans fondly remember Angela’s powerful personality towards soft-spoken Michael Ilesanmi.

Jorge Nava – 128 pounds

Jorge Nava of 90 Day Fiancé's Weight Loss Transformation

Jorge Nava and Anfisa were an infamous couple who bordered on violent. Although they haven’t been on the show since 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? season 2 in 2017, fans find it hard to forget this couple. Their messy relationship ended when 90 day fiance Jorge incarnated to have 293 pounds of marijuana in his car. During his two and a half year sentence, he not only found the love of his life, but he also lost 128 pounds. He claimed to feel healthy and lose weight “has become like an addiction.” In April 2021, Jorge welcomed his first baby with new girlfriend Rhoda Blua.

these 90 day fiance The franchise co-stars sure have a sordid history with fans, but they also have some gorgeous transformations. While 90 day fiance is known for its wicked weight loss journeys can motivate no matter the culprit. It also introduces viewers to another side of some of those infamous co-stars. In the end, with the new season of 90 day fiance aired, fans are excited to see if anyone else will join the transformation journey.

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