Who is Calum von Moger? Former Mr Universe in induced coma after falling from second story window

Calum von Moger, an Australian bodybuilder, actor and former Mr Universe is fighting for his life after falling from a second story window. After severely damaging his spine in an incident on May 6 in Australia, the 31-year-old underwent major surgery and is in an induced coma.

Calum gained attention after people compared his body to that of Arnold Schwarzenegger, which landed him a role as young Arnold in the 2018 film “Bigger.” He also appeared in ‘Generation Iron 2’ and modeled for Gucci as part of the brand’s 2019 pre-fall campaign and released the self-produced documentary on Netflix titled ‘Unbroken’. Apart from this, Calum also started his own clothing company, Von Moger.


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According to the Daily Mail, Calum’s injury was first reported on YouTube by fellow bodybuilder Nick Trigilli. Nick says his former colleague, a three-time Mr Universe winner with 3.2 million Instagram followers, is “going through a tough time in his life”. Nick also said he was under the influence of drugs when the incident happened, according to The Sun. Calum was injured quite badly during the event, according to Nick’s YouTube video, and his spine was damaged to the point that he couldn’t walk. He said: “They had to call an ambulance and now he’s sedated in intensive care,” adding that Calum is fighting for his life. Nick, a former IFBB Pro bodybuilder himself, claimed his pal recently had some “stupid injuries at the gym”.

Following the news of Calum’s surgery, fans sent their love and support. One person wrote on Twitter: “Heal @CalumvonMoger You are admired by so many. And hearing what happened is so hard to digest. You are someone I look up to in the bodybuilding world and I’m sure there are many others who share the same view. Don’t forget who you are ❤️” “Reading all this about Calum Von Moger is super sad. Will show how much one thing can derail you. Prayers,” added another user. On May 8, Nick posted a snapshot of the window Calum allegedly fell from on his YouTube channel.

Later in another update on May 10, Nick reportedly said that Calum also tried to end his life because there was so much blood when he was hospitalized. Earlier, Calum shared his wish to “learn from [his] make mistakes and become a better person” in a heartfelt Instagram post on March 30. He said: “Everyone has a past. We have all been through difficult times. I admit that I screwed up several times. But I don’t care if I dwell on negative thoughts from the past. All I care about is learning from my mistakes and becoming a better person. I do my best to stay strong, but I also have my days. Calum asked for forgiveness at the end of his message so that he “can continue to move forward on the right path”. Meanwhile, Calum has still not entered a bodybuilding contest after earning his pro card in 2020. Calum has also reportedly considered joining the IFBB Pro Classic Physique league. He also returned to Australia due to injuries, including a serious bicep injury.

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