What happened to Calum Von Moger? Support pours in as bodybuilder is rushed to intensive care after alleged window accident

On Friday, May 6, Nick Trigilli of YouTube channel BodyBuilding & BS reported that famed Australian bodybuilder Calum Von Moger had been rushed to a hospital intensive care unit (ICU) following an injury. Von Moger allegedly jumped out of a second story window and injured his back.

According to Trigilli, the incident happened on the afternoon of May 6, when the young bodybuilder was allegedly under the influence. In the video, Trigilli said the incident happened when the bodybuilder was allegedly addicted to methamphetamine. Von Moger allegedly jumped through the glass of the second story window.

The video further revealed that Von Moger suffered a spinal injury and could not walk. After being hospitalized, the bodybuilder would now be sedated.

Calum Von Moger reportedly jumped out of window and injured his spine

In the description of the video by Trigilli, who broke the news first, the YouTuber mentioned:

“I got a call this morning telling me that Calum Von Moger wasn’t sober and jumped out of the 2nd floor window…”

According to Generation Iron, Calum Von Moger was recently kicked out of his family’s home in Australia. Following this, the bodybuilder-turned-actor reportedly got his own place, where the recent incident could have happened.

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Prior to his injury, sustained under the alleged influence of narcotics, numerous reports claimed that the Bigger (2018) had methamphetamine addiction.

Prayers rush on social media after news of Calum Von Moger’s injury

The 31-year-old Australian bodybuilder rose to popularity after winning the “Mr. Universe” in the World Fitness Federation professional competition. Following this, Von Moger also played a young Arnold Schwarzenegger in Joe Weider’s 2018 biopic, Bigger, which further boosted its popularity. The Aussie is also known as ‘Arnold 2.0’ in the bodybuilding industry.

Calum Von Moger went from being an IFBB pro to smoking meth, jumping out of a second story window, and can be paralyzed and it all started with a bicep injury. Wild.

prayed for @CalumvonMoger, if the news is true, I pray for him. It’s not for us to judge. He has been going through a difficult period for about 5 months. It’s clear he wasn’t himself

As someone who appreciates the work bodybuilders put into their craft, it’s sad to see what’s happened to Calum von Moger since that injury.

Man I hope Calum Von Moger is good

Calum Von Moger needs Jesus ✝️💪

Hope Calum Von Moger is doing well 🤞💙🙏

no, calum von moger, your no’s please 💔🙏🏼

Calum von moger aka Arnold 2.0 is really messing around here ☹️

Following news of his injury, many devoted followers took to social media to offer their prayers and concerns to the injured bodybuilder. However, others found the alleged incident of Von Moger under the influence of methamphetamine to be a “wild” case.

Calum Von Moger’s Past Controversies

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On January 31, Von Moger was charged with altercation and possession of narcotics, including cannabis, as well as testosterone. At the time, the report sparked widespread speculation about his use of steroids. After his initial release on bail, the court in Melbourne decided to adjourn the case to May 26, 2022. However, with this recent controversy, it is uncertain whether the case will resume this month.

Previously, he was also embroiled in legal issues after allegedly wielding a weapon during a road rage incident. With his recent injury, it’s unclear if the bodybuilder will address these legal controversies in court.

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