Weirdest MMA fight? A pensioner and his son team up to take on a woman in Russia

Buckle up for this one, because it’s going to be a bizarre story about how a Russian fight promotion allowed this particular contest to go down.

In February, a Vietnam War veteran and his grandson walked into the octagon with a female fighter — and were absolutely outclassed on all fronts.

A clip of the fight is once again making the rounds on social media, with the MMA fan account Matsyek on Twitter.

“It’s here and it’s beautiful,” read the caption of the contentious clip that was posted on February 9, 2022.

The clash was similar to something WWE, which was sponsored by Russia’s Epic Fighting Championship, saw 28-year-old Yulia Mishko, better known as ‘the tomboy’, take on the entertainer Vladimir Spartak and his grandson Big Igibob.

Clearly, this has ruffled some feathers around the world with a woman battling two men deemed (rightly) unfair.

However, Spartak claimed that neither he nor his grandson had any previous combat experience and that the combined weight of the two men was slightly over Mishko’s 286 pounds, according to the clip.

The contest appeared to follow typical mixed martial arts rules with the warriors wearing MMA gloves and the referee allowing them to go to the mat with the ground and the pound.

The match itself took place over six 3-minute rounds and despite the power play, the confrontation got off to a surprising start.

The tattooed eldest took all the risk while the grandson didn’t seem to know what to do in the background.
The speed picked up in round two after Mishko floored both men in the opening seconds, clearly unfazed by her two opponents standing in front of her.

Spartak was the first to be knocked down with a one-two combo, then young Igibob was sent to the canvas via an uppercut, after which Mishko tried to take him down and pound him before the grandpa pop up to make the stop.

The 28-year-old female juggernaut dropped the senior member of the intra-family team again in round three with an absolutely smashing hauler!

This entertaining fight had the woman’s corner men laughing between rounds, while her trainer tried to offer some legitimate advice.

By the end of the fight, she had dropped the two men an impressive three times – and repeatedly shaken them – while remaining in good condition herself.

Despite the one-sided nature of the fight, it was ruled a draw much to the surprise of many.

Speaking in the post-match interview, Spartak admitted he gave up on winning and was just looking to go the distance to show his resilience, while his grandson said it was the best fight in EFC history.

It’s not the first time the promotion has staged fights like this, like in 2019 when a 23-year-old Russian bodybuilder – nicknamed ‘Popeye’ for his cartoonish big biceps – took on a 20-year-old fighter and actor. more than him. .

The bodybuilder was taken to the mat and submitted within the first three minutes of round one.

The following year, they staged a fight between female MMA star Darina Mazdyuk and 530-pound YouTuber Grigory Chistyakov in a full mismatch.

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Teresa E. Burton