“Very low dose on my supplements I was doing”

Chris Bumstead took some time to chat about his recent prep cycle and his overall bodybuilding health.

Chris Bumstead is at the top of Classic Physique and has been for years now. The reigning three-time Olympic champion is looking to make four in a row in December. He is in the middle of his preparation for the show as the summer has begun. Now Bumstead has shared a video of the supplements that he is right now.

Bumstead continues to be one of bodybuilding’s biggest stars due to the physique he brings to the scene year after year. He has his off-season preparation down to a science but has taken it down a notch this time around. On his YouTube channel, Bumstead took the time to discuss the cycle he’s been in as he focuses on his health.

“Bodybuilding is a potentially very dangerous sport and I think people should do it in the safest and most effective way possible. If you don’t have your health, you have nothing.

Chris Bumstead: ‘My supplements have been very low this year’

Chris Bumstead kept his diets and workouts ditto this off-season, with a short break due to COVID-19 at the start of the year. He dipped into his cycle a bit but didn’t reveal exactly what supplements he was using. Anyway, Bumstead was able to share his thoughts on bodybuilding health and some insight into what he takes.

“My supplements have been really low this year. I try not to say specific words because I don’t like talking about it because people take stuff and run with it, and copy it, and I don’t want that that is the goal.

But what I would like to say is that making the most of the minimum is something that all bodybuilders should try to do. I had 14 months between Olympias and a weight cap that I don’t have to hit, so I really focused on my health.

Chris Bumstead pays attention to his health throughout the year and even goes out of cycle at some point. Now he uses a low dose of testosterone. Once his offseason starts to heat up a bit, Bumstead will step it up a notch.

“I hate talking about it because I don’t want to say things because I don’t want people to. But, the numbers are around 200 that I’ve done and completely go out once a year.

Then I did a very low dose, 200 per week. Then after that, maybe I’ll go up to 500, and that will be my off-season peak. With this, my body can easily weigh up to 265 pounds if I train and eat perfectly.

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Chris Bumstead calls on bodybuilders to focus on health

The recent chain of dead in bodybuilding has hit the sport hard. Some elite athletes have died suddenly and many are taking extra precautions to move forward.

Chris Bumstead believes that a person’s overall health should come first, despite their position in bodybuilding.

“That’s the emphasis I want to put on a lot of things right now, number one, being healthy. Get a blood test and find a doctor who will help you do things as correctly and efficiently as possible so Don’t be stupid. Number two, as a bodybuilder, do the basics first. Make sure your training and diet are perfect before adding “supplements” to the mix, because it’s literally unnecessary. »

Not only does Bumstead focus on his own health and that of those in the sport, but he calls on athletes looking to get into bodybuilding to focus on the basics when it comes to health. It explains some of the side effects that can impact your daily life.

“I just want to insist that anyone getting into bodybuilding should focus on the basics and consistency of food and training above all else because that’s all that matters. If you want to use ‘supplements’ , wait until the last minute if you want, because it can have lifelong negative effects on your fertility, your sex, your libido, your hormones, your skin, your acne, everything.”

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Teresa E. Burton