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INDIA: As more and more people embrace a vegan diet due to the ethics around animal welfare and the purported health benefits, it has grown in popularity in recent years.

It has aroused the interest of not only the general population but also that of bodybuilders, and Joginder Tiwari is one of them. Vegan bodybuilder Tiwari is also a powerlifter, YouTuber and physical trainer.

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In an exclusive interview with Transcontinental Times, Tiwari talks about veganism, the effects of social media on today’s youth and more.

Tiwari’s fitness journey started at a very young age. At 17, he won the title of Monsieur Indore. “I was the youngest person to win this title and it’s a record so far.

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He also won Madhya Pradesh ‘Strong man’ title in powerlifting and was national champion in the “bench press” competition.

Tiwari believes the best part of being a vegan bodybuilder is choosing to follow a path that emotionally and physically serves a person in the best way.

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“I have been a vegetarian since childhood. For two years I started following a vegan diet. I wanted to explore the effects on my body and be more mindful of the animal community. After going vegan, I have new energy. I feel mentally stable and calm. Physically, I feel more agile and full of energy than before.

Young people today are drawn to “fancy supplements and fad diets”. Speaking of this, Tiwari said, “You can get all the nutrients you need from your vegan diet. No matter what sport you play as a player, no supplements are needed, and even if you take supplements, that too only 10% is helpful, resting your diet is important.

Today’s generation tends to be easily influenced by social media. “Actors can do anything to make money because it’s their job. However, I would advise young people not to blindly follow everything on social media. If you want advice on your body, take it from a good certified trainer.

“For those who want to live a healthy life, I would say: Our body is a reflection of the mind and the choices our mind makes.

Tiwari believes that while it is important to take care of one’s physical health, people should also pay equal attention to their mental health.

“It is the nourishment you provide for your spirit that determines the whole character of your life. Adopt a purely vegetarian or vegan diet. Give meditation a place in your life, try to live a stress-free life, and regularly include yoga and exercise in your routine,” he added.

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