US Crossfit Trainer Reveals Secret to ‘Functional Strength Training’

Looking for functional strength? One American Cross Fit just shared an epic “between seasons” workout that shows you how to achieve it like a pro.

The trainer, Marcus Filly, is the owner of (and head coach of) awakening strength. He is also a graduate in molecular and cellular biology (with a specialization in nutrition and physiology) and has participated 6 times in the Cross Fit Games. To top it off, Mr. Filly also shares his outrageous workout routines on Instagram for his followers to see and learn from.

Of course, you should never attempt anything outside of your comfort zone without consulting a medical professional, but if you live for fitness and want to find an epic “between seasons” challenge, read on. continued.

Last week, Mr. Filly posted a masterclass in functional strength training, first demonstrating an Olympic lift routine, then a heavy “hamstring prop” workout with a kettlebell.

“What is functional strength training?” Mr. Filly captioned the post. “It’s the mix of fitness disciplines that complement each other to deliver a very targeted dose. In today’s training case, we’re working on posterior chain speed strength and then we’re working on accumulation of accessories.

He then provides a workout breakdown for those brave (and fit) enough to emulate.

Part 1. Cleanse complex every 90 seconds x 6 sets

  • Segment power cleaning
  • 2 Hang Power Cleans
  • 1 jerk

Part 2. Posterior Chain Attachment

  • 20-step death march
  • 20 hamstring curls with band
  • 20 band hip thrusters x 3-4 sets – rest as needed between exercises

Need more inspiration? Mr. Filly posted another routine this morning that shows you a whole new way to sweat and build functional muscles like a true pro (see below).

Your summer body (or a visit to the physio) awaits.

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Teresa E. Burton