U.S. Senate favorite Dr. Mehmet Oz from Pennsylvania awaits results of tight race between GOP candidates – CBS Philly

NEWTOWN TOWNSHIP, Pa. (CBS) — It’s primary election day. Pennsylvania voters are making their voices heard at the ballot box. The hotly contested race for the US Senate is attracting a lot of attention here and across the country.

On the Republican side, Dr. Mehmet Oz was certainly seen as a frontrunner in this Senate contest that drew intense national attention.

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Like a competitive horse race, the leading pack is now neck and neck. It could be a photo-finish with how certain data reflects how close the race is.

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Eyewitness News saw Oz on his way to vote on Tuesday morning. It was outside a polling station in Huntington Valley, where he is registered to vote.

“It’s a good day to vote,” he said.

Oz was joined by his wife and waved to the supporters before entering.

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The Oz distinction in this race, he holds the coveted endorsement of former President Donald Trump.

And yet, in the late hours of this primary campaign season, the TV personality didn’t zoom very far past two other challengers on the Republican side.

Oz will meet and greet his crowd at Newtown Athletic Club on Tuesday night.

We spoke with owner Jim Worthington about this presidential endorsement.

“Huge, the [former] president carries a lot of weight. He’s the leader of the Republican Party. And the reality is that he still has a terrific base and everyone listens to him for the most part. The votes at the end of this, the undecided, he’s going to push Oz across the finish line, no doubt,” Worthington said.

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For now, there is a mix of journalists, photographers, bodybuilders and swimming teams in this sports complex.

Teresa E. Burton