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Weight loss doesn’t start with the gym; it starts with a change of mentality. Tru-Sha Dixon, who was once an overweight child, recalled the trauma of being teased at school. As she got older, she took matters into her own hands by embarking on a life-changing wellness journey. When the opportunity presented itself, the fitness enthusiast decided to step up a gear by entering the world of bodybuilding. After months of training, Dixon came out in competition and was crowned 2022 Bikini Novice Champion, Bikini Tall Class Champion and won second place overall Bikini Fitness at the Jamaica Amateur Bodybuilding and Fitness Competition (JABBFA),

“Preparing for the main event took a lot of discipline. I had to learn to walk in heels. I had to learn to pose. I had to accept my knock-knees and work with them and love it,” he said. “You would never know just by looking that this confident athlete once struggled with weight. Reflecting on her journey, a young Dixon struggled with physical education in school.” Outside of these gates, fitness was not in the picture and did not play an active role in his life.

His earliest memories were mostly unpleasant. When she went out shopping as a child, she would go for the nicest clothes, only to be told they weren’t available in her size. His weight has also been a subject of discussion among family members. “In the 90s, there was no body positivity or free flowing movement. You were fat. And fat was equated with being unattractive, and I felt like that,” she said. But cooking was never banned, there were no restrictions on what she ate and there was no supervision in this regard.

In high school, she became more self-conscious and began to pay more attention to her weight. Although she lost weight, she gained most of it back due to lack of maintenance. Her turning point came when she started attending college. “I didn’t go to the gym right away. I attended aerobics classes from time to time and walked the ring road in the evening. But in 2014, after going through my cycle and satisfying a craving for a milkshake and fries, I saw myself in the mirror and looked like a puffer fish. A light bulb went out and I said, ‘No Trush, you can’t go on like this,'” she revealed. From then on, she started taking health and fitness more seriously.

Dixon began to seek advice from people who were doing well. She has done her own intensive research on the matter. Her rigorous wellness journey started with getting 40 squats in her bedroom at night and evolved to enrolling in a gym. Through interactions with like-minded people, she was able to learn new information that would benefit her journey, such as high-intensity interval training (HIIT), alternative cardio, and strength training. She even posted a kind of “classified ad” on Facebook, looking for a gym partner and a friend replied asking if she was serious. Once Dixon confirmed her request, the couple became gym buddies and accountability partners.

She worked on eating issues and validating others. So accustomed to the repercussions of society, the fitness junkie couldn’t easily identify with a slimmer body; the cultural shift in swearing required serious adjustments. She trained on her own until 2017, when she had a health issue; so she sought out a personal trainer. But affordability came into play, as did depression and it wasn’t consistent enough. One day, a friend of hers offered a gym membership and that’s where she developed the consistency she needed. She was also introduced to a life-changing coach as she knew it forever.

“In the first two weeks of working with her, I saw results. She taught me that it’s not about starving. It’s not about fad diets and skipping meals; it’s all about eating the right macronutrients for your body. And she’ll calculate my macronutrients that are right for my body and match them to the right workout plan for me. Best believe I’m continuing to go through this experience without hungry,” she confessed. Planning and tracking my meals has worked for me. She locks herself away and focuses on her therapeutic morning workouts. Simple changes have come about by manipulating her body , reducing it to its needs: Give your body what it needs and it will respond,” she added.

She became less anxious and gained more confidence. And because of his results, discussions about bodybuilding have entered the chat. Curator Dixon hesitated at first. But she participated in her first competition in 2021. She was the only one who appeared in her competition. RJR Cross Country Bodybuilding Competition the second time around was a better run and she got this win. “Out of competition, his diet is very satisfactory. But in competition, I had to deprive myself of my usual cravings, ”she said, noting that it was a sacrifice that was worth it.

Having had the opportunity during the pandemic to adequately prepare for competition, she entered JABBFA’s bikini segment confident that she could win in her categories. In the end, she won first prize for her segments and came second overall, after losing to her current coach who took first place, it was an absolute honor. “I find it emotional about these wins because I feel like I made Tru-Sha proud for 10 and 15 years,” she said, sharing these gems for those looking to get started. on their own wellness journey.

“Understand that you are beautiful just the way you are. But love yourself enough to make better choices for you, so you can have a better quality of life. It’s not always easy, so when it gets tough, understand that it gets better once you’re consistent. You are a good decision closer to your goals.

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Teresa E. Burton