Triple Mr. Arizona Robert Farrow has a deep connection to bodybuilding

A lot of people associate bodybuilding with performing, but the basis of the sport is in gyms around the world where you can find the champions working out. One such gym is Deezel Gym in Arizona, and its owner, Robert Farrow, feels that connection because he lives the bodybuilding lifestyle himself. The 2012 North American champion was Isabelle Turell’s guest at the “Fit Rockstar Show”, but there is another title that seems prestigious to him: the NPC USA Championship.

“I love this show,” he told Turell. “It’s the best of the best.”

The connection to this show may be due to how strong he feels about living in the United States. Farrow is originally from England. After a round trip to the United States, then to England, his family finally settled in America when he was 10 years old. His love for bodybuilding dates back to his young age. He mowed people’s gardens so he could earn pocket money to support this passion.

“The first money I made, I went to the BX and bought myself a set of junior dumbbells,” he recalled. “It was the first purchase I made. I just wanted to be bigger. I just wanted more muscle.

As the owner of Deezel Gym, he has plenty of dumbbells to work with now, and he can stay involved in an industry that he says has done a lot for him throughout his life.

“Bodybuilding has given me so much, and this is my way of giving back. I want to help people through bodybuilding.

Farrow and Turell talk more about his career and contributions to the sport as well as his original inspiration from Tarzan, and more. Watch the full episode of The Fit Rockstar Show at and check back for new episodes every Saturday at noon EST.

Teresa E. Burton