Tony Doherty shares an update on Australia’s bodybuilding landscape

The last roundtable on The Menace Podcast was an international affair. Host Dennis James, trainer Milos Sarcev and bodybuilding legend Chris Cormier were joined by Australian Tony Doherty, who has faced many tough battles in his homeland since the start of the pandemic. In addition to the closure of its gymnasiums, its exhibitions have also been canceled. He spoke to the group about the impact it had on him.

“Exhibitions right now would be so impossible to do. I lost so much money that I couldn’t do it now if I wanted to,” Doherty said. However, he remains optimistic about the future now that life has started to return to normal in his part of the world.

“We just had a fantastic bodybuilding season in April, and now things are looking up with the new season, there are several pro qualifiers in October and then those lead to Nationals.

James then asked Doherty what the chances were of a professional show returning to Australia next year. Doherty had promoted the Australian Grand Prix and worked with Arnold Schwarzenegger as co-promoter of the Arnold Classic Australia after that, which was a big show before the pandemic hit. Although Doherty is hopeful, he remains cautious before embarking on making plans.

“Until everything is completely normal for a year or two, I just can’t afford to lose that money again,” he explained. Even when he does start running an IFBB Pro League contest again, it will be by taking slow steps.

“We can go back to the old format and put an exhibition back together one day.”

Doherty also shared many stories about his experiences in the sport, including memories with Sarcev and the late Sonny Schmidt. To see the full interview with Doherty as well as other interviews and panel discussions, subscribe to the Muscle & Fitness YouTube Channel. New episodes air Sundays at 3 p.m. EST.

Teresa E. Burton