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Lee Priest is widely respected in the bodybuilding community given his long career and unique views on the sport. In an interview with Dave Palumbo of Rx Muscle, Priest gave his thoughts on rising Open class contender Michal Krizo and how he would fare against Nick Walker.

Krizo is a Slovak-born bodybuilder who quickly made an impression during his appearance in the IFBB Elite Pro League. The men’s Open monster of mass won the 2021 Arnold Classic Europe Elite Pro title with impressive proportions and incredibly detailed arms. His biceps arguably rival some of the best in the IFBB Pro League. Last year, he won another show by contributing his talents to the Mr. Universe Pro 2021 contest.

On July 15, 2022, Krizo announced that he would be moving from the IFBB Elite Pro League to the NPC and added that his plan was to get a Pro card, win an IFBB Pro League show and punch his ticket. to compete at 2022 Olympia later this year.

Since his trip to North America, Krizo has visited the East Coast mecca for bodybuilding, the Bev Francis Powerhouse Gym, located in Syosset, New York. The newcomer made the most of his time and also connected with one of the sport’s most respected trainers, Milos Sarcev, at Flex Lewis’ Dragon’s Lair gym.

As more and more people get to see Krizo’s physique, Lee Preist recently discussed his chances against 2021 Arnold Classic champion Nick Walker.

Lee Priest’s first impressions of Michal Krizo

Before discussing Krizo vs. Nick Walker, Priest offered his thoughts on the form of the newly signed NPC athlete.

“I saw Flex Lewis do a video too, and Milos and everyone say the videos and photos don’t do him justice in person and they say it’s not like the form of a contest. I think about the conditioning on him now, if it’s something off-season type…” Lee Priest told Dave Palumbo.

Priest said Krizo would “probably” qualify for Olympia as there won’t be many high-caliber professionals competing at Prague Pro 2022, an event Krizo has targeted for late October, although technically he would need to win a pro. card before participating in this show.

“He would probably have [qualify for Olympia] because how many top pros are likely to go to Prague? He would probably be number one. said the priest.

According to Lee Priest, any bodybuilder can look great on their own. The real test is a comparison shot next to another pro. He added that Krizo’s “paper-thin” pale skin reminded him of bodybuilding veterans Andreas Münzer and Mike Matarazzo.

“Yeah. Like you said, it’s hard to tell. From the pictures, it’s like shit, I just sent Sid pictures of me in the Species t-shirt, and I look pretty good on my own.

“His skin is in shape, the way he is pale and the conditioning he kinda reminds me of [Andreas] Münzer type conditioning and very thin skin. Priest explained. “It’s almost like a combination of [Mike] Matarazzo, [Paul] Demayo and all these people together.

Lee Priest thinks Krizo could crack the top ten at Olympia on his first attempt.

“It’s going to be interesting to see him get on stage with the other guys. I think, carry on now, I think he’ll be in the top ten for sure, but from there, I don’t know. Priest continued. “He’s so pale too…he needs a good tan, that’s for sure.”

A priest prefers the physique of Nick Walker to that of Michal Krizo

While Priest said he needed a side-by-side photo to be certain, he ultimately prefers Nick’s physique despite Krizo’s “weird” look.

“I think it’s been a year or two since the discussion started. If he was in the IFBB, who would he knock out, how would he do it, so… he’s going to get his chance. said the priest. “Until I do a side-by-side, it’s going to be interesting. I think I prefer Nick’s physiquethis guy is weird but I think, I know I’m so used to seeing Nick and that kind of stuff.

Priest isn’t the only credentialed bodybuilder to compare Krizo’s physique to Walker’s. 1983 Mr. Olympia Samir Bannout said he “saw no weakness” in Krizo’s physique. Moreover, he added that the Slovak native’s arms are bigger than Walker’s, which happens to be one of the 27-year-old’s most powerful weapons as a competitor.

In addition to Bannout, four-time Mr. Olympia Jay Cutler gave an assessment of Michal Krizo’s overall package. After taking a first look, Cutler was impressed by her round, detailed proportions and the ridges on her shoulders. Cutler thinks when Krizo starts competing against other IFBB Pro bodybuilders, “he’s going to upset a lot of people.”

Krizo and Walker have a history. Last year, after Walker’s victory at the Arnold Classic 2021, Krzio fired a few shots at the champion. He said the New Jersey native lacked symmetry in his physique before pointing out that size isn’t everything in a contest. In the end, Krizo took back the statements he made about Walker.

Watch the full video below:

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For Priest to give his most accurate opinion of Krizo he will need to see him in person, but pointed out that everyone he has spoken to so far said the photos don’t do the Slovakian bodybuilder justice. Krizo’s jarring height and detailed muscle mass have garnered attention and hype, but Lee Priest prefers the Nick Walker look.

Teresa E. Burton