Terrence Ruffin says he’ll be retiring in the next 3 years?!

Terrence Ruffin is apparently going to retire early.

The Arnold Classic champion and Terrence Ruffin recently shared that he could retire from competition in 3 years. The Classic Physique contestant made the statement in response to a Q and A he had on Instagram.

Nothing in this world lasts forever. This goes for just about anything, especially when it comes to humans. We are born, we live, we die. There is a beginning, a middle and an end for everything. So of course an individual’s career follows the same kind of trajectory. So when Classic Physique competitor and multiple Arnold Classic champion Terrence Ruffin announced he could retire in the next few years, it shouldn’t come as a shock.

While Terrence Ruffin may still be young and in his athletic prime, the Classic Physique contender doesn’t plan to stay in the game forever. Like many other sporting activities, if you stay too long in a competitive sport, you run the risk of lasting consequences.

With the bodybuilding world reeling from the recent passing of Cedric McMillan, questions are floating around about the safety of building a massive physique. Although Terrence Ruffin doesn’t build the kind of muscle as an open bodybuilding competitor for men, he still runs the risk of pushing his body to the limit.

In fact, a recent Q&A Ruffin had with a follower on Instagram highlighted those same topics. The follower asked Terrence Ruffin the following:

“Do the recent deaths in bodybuilding worry you/make you doubt what you are doing?”

To the question Terrence Ruffin answered with a rather thoughtful answer.

“No, I always understood the risk in bodybuilding and I did things accordingly.

“Ex. I’m in Classic, under my limit, and I plan to retire in the next 3 years or so.

“People are generally afraid of the unknown. So when a person doesn’t understand what they’re taking and doesn’t have regular labs and exams, I can see why they would like it.

“Moreover […] context is key. So pay attention to who passed, when they passed, etc. also answers a lot of questions for me.

It seems that Terrence Ruffin has his future already planned and in mind. It’s good to know that Ruffin has a plan and hopes to stay competitive for at least the next few years.

What do you think of Terrence Ruffin’s potential retirement in 3 years?

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