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legendary actor Sylvester Stallone is a true example of how anything can be achieved. In a recent post shared on Instagram, Stallone showed off his biceps with a motivational message.

Stallone first gained popularity for his starring role in the 1976 hit movie Rocky. He worked hard in the gym to gain weight for his portrayal of the character. At a time when actors weren’t particularly known for their muscle mass, Stallone boasted an impressive physique that could only be compared to bodybuilding legends. Arnold Schwarzeneggerwith whom he also shared a fierce and competitive rivalry through the decades.

What’s even more impressive is that Stallone wrote the script for the film himself in just three and a half days. He was inspired to write history after watching the championship boxing match between the great Muhammad Ali and Chuck Wepner in March 1975. His portrayal of the boxer skyrocketed his status in Hollywood as an actor in success and earned him a franchise for the brand.

Stallone previously shared another inspiring life lesson where he looked back on his journey. Once a struggling writer who eventually became an icon, Stallone encouraged his followers not to give up even in the face of failure.

Almost four decades after the first installment of Rocky, Sylvester still sports a build that would make even the youngest jealous. He shared extremely rare behind-the-scenes footage from the film’s set where he was working on his boxing chops inside the ring.

Sylvester Stallone Shows Off Huge Biceps In Motivational Post To Overcome Struggle

In a recent Publish uploaded to his Instagram, Sylvester Stallone shared a photo of his gigantic biceps along with a motivational message to stay resilient.

The bigger they are, the harder they fall, which is how you deal with what seem like overwhelming obstacles. You keep nibbling until you stand on top of all that rubble and say… “I am…”

Stallone’s real-life story mirrors his character’s countless on-screen struggles. Although he was the frontman of other massive franchises like the Rambo movies or the Expendables, Sylvester will always be affectionately known as Rocky Balboa.

He started filming the next movie Consumables 4 in September of last year. Former strongman Eddie Hall is cast as an age-defying villain in the film, alongside Stallone.

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