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Strength athlete Terry Hollands has made a name for himself in strongman but has been focusing his efforts solely on bodybuilding lately. Hollands has revealed his return to competitive bodybuilding will take place at the Fit X Insight Supps competition in Leeds, England.

Terry Hollands is a highly decorated athlete known for pushing the limits of human strength. His consistency is awe-inspiring and his accolades are among the best in the sport. During his competitive period as a strongman, he held the titles of England’s Strongest Man, UK’s Strongest Man and Britain’s Strongest Man. In 2021 Hollands made it into the 2021 WSM contest but would unfortunately suffer an injury following Event 1 forcing his withdrawal. Following the undisclosed injury, Terry elected to retire from WSM competitions.

Focusing his efforts on bodybuilding and altering his physique, Terry applied the same ambitions he had as a strongman to his new craft. He competed in his first bodybuilding show in 2019, winning first place in the Beginners category, second in the Masters category and also finished second in the Open Super Heavyweight category. The impressive performance qualified Hollands for the UK 2brospro final, but decided not to compete due to other commitments. Terry shared his dramatic physical transformation from earlier this year and it’s obvious he’s approaching preparation in a methodical way.

Terry Hollands is determined to make a statement on the next show: ‘I always want to be better’

In a recent Instagram post, Terry Hollands revealed some of the improvements he has made to his physique a week after preparing for the upcoming Fit X bodybuilding event in London.

“#transformationtuesday 1 week in preparation until now.

Safe to say we made some good changes.

I’m not happy with the look I’m bringing as I will always want to be better but I’m happy with where we got to in the time frame we had but we’re still moving forward after these 2 shows” posted Terry Hollands .

Hollands weight has had its ups and downs as a professional strength sports athlete. At one point during his tenure as a strongman, he weighed 447.5 pounds. After regular dieting and training, he lost a huge amount of weight. Plus, judging by his recent physical updates, his abs have also grown a ton. Terry updated fans on how he plans to approach his preparation during his current bodybuilding season.

Terry shares his diet and workout before bodybuilding returns

Documenting his return to bodybuilding, Terry said his diet was “pretty boring”. He ingests two meals before 9 am. For breakfast, the former strongman star eats whey, oats first, then chicken and broccoli with rice for his second meal. Staying engaged in meal preparation is essential for Terry to maintain a muscular physique, as it allows him to keep up with his ability to diet with fewer obstacles present when preparing and/or weighing food.

Committed to excellence, Terry focuses on maintaining healthy choices to facilitate his return to the stage and “not eating for fun”. Hollands adjusts the macros as needed and says her second meal was 180 grams of grilled chicken breast, 200 grams of rice and a handful of broccoli stalks (about 50 grams). If he is hungry, Terry eats vegetables because of their caloric and nutritional values.

Through his YouTube video, Terry mentioned that his diet consists of 335 grams of protein, 200 grams of carbs, and 90 grams of fat, or 2,950 calories per day.

Before training, Terry takes a pre-workout. During his workout, he ingests a combination of EAA and L-Carnitine. Holland begins his routine by performing incline dumbbell presses, cable flies, dumbbell flies, incline machine presses with 3 x 45-pound weight plates on each sleeve, and finally the pectoral bridge for the day of Chest.

“I finally came home. Absolutely exhausted. All my food went in. I’ve been up since very early this morning, so I should sleep well tonight, especially with the amount of carbs I’ve had. Yeah, it’s been a good diet,” said Terry Hollands.

Watch Terry Hollands full YouTube video below

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Terry makes sure to approach the preparation carefully so that he presents his best package yet on stage. With his eyes set on a May 8 show in London, it remains to be seen how he fares in his planned return to bodybuilding.

Teresa E. Burton