Sophie Guidolin reveals ‘missing context’ after storm over bikini ‘sexy pose’ in Instagram photo with teenage son

An Australian fitness star has blasted trolls who accused her of sharing a ‘sexualised’ photo with one of her children.

Sophie Guidolin posted several photos this week with her son Kai to celebrate his 15th birthday on her popular Instagram account.

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The post, simply captioned “Happy 15th Kai,” included a selection of sweet images from his childhood and teenage years.

But the photo that sparked a bizarre reaction was of the 33-year-old hugging her boy while wearing a green leopard-print bikini.

The Gold Coast influencer says she was forced to edit the caption after some of her more than half a million followers had a “problem” with her.

“Sexy posing? I hug my son for fucking love! ,” she wrote in the updated caption.

“We live on the Gold Coast, Australia, where wearing a bikini at the beach is so beyond normal, that I didn’t even consider putting a disclaimer on this picture.”

The mum-of-four explained she took the birthday photo after taking a dip in the pool.

“Do I have a problem wearing a bikini in front of my sons? NOT AT ALL.

“Why? Because I’m not sexualized with him, and never have been,” she fumed.

“If you have a problem, maybe you should ask yourself why you think you have to sexualize a woman’s body instead of just being a mother and son at the pool!”

Sophie regularly shares bikini photos with her hundreds of thousands of social media followers. Credit: instagram

Guidolin, who founded an online health and fitness program The BodTold Sunrise she was “so surprised” that some people had a problem with the photo.

“When I posted the picture I had just had Invisalign on my teeth so when I posted it the first thing I thought or considered was can you see my Invisalign in the picture nothing to do with the bikini,” she said. Wednesday.

“I think the photo also lacks a lot of context, we were actually hanging out in the pool where the photo was taken from.”

Guidolin, who competes in bodybuilding competitions in a bikini, said she “deliberately raised” her four children to be comfortable with “the culture we live in”.

“It’s always so hot here, so I didn’t even think about it,” she said of wearing a bikini in the snap.

Sophie and Kai appeared on Sunrise to discuss the controversy.
Sophie and Kai appeared on Sunrise to discuss the controversy. Credit: Sunrise

Kai added that he was “so confused”, telling David Koch and Natalie Barr that he “doesn’t understand” the controversy.

“I didn’t even think about it for a second when I saw the photo at first, then my mum told me that she got slammed on Instagram for posting that photo.

“I’ve been here since day one with my mum when she started competing.

“It’s just normal now and I don’t understand how people can’t understand that.”

Teresa E. Burton