Rich Gaspari talks about Chris Bumstead’s brand of physique vs. open bodybuilding: “Their physique is unreachable”

Rich Gaspari prefers Chris Bumstead’s brand and physique to those of Open bodybuilding.

Rich Gaspari is a bodybuilding veteran who keeps up to date with the whereabouts of various athletes in the sport. Recently, he sat down for a chat with John Romano about the current state of bodybuilding and how Chris Bumstead was able to build such a great brand.

Bumstead is the reigning three-time Classic Physique Olympia champion. He is approaching 10 million followers on Instagram and has even more on other social media platforms, such as YouTube. He has built such a following by sharing different content, such as workouts and diets while preparing for shows.

Gaspari, who joined Romano on Dragon Slayer Media’s YouTube, credits Bumstead for what he was able to build and compares Classic Physique and Open Bodybuilding.

“Well, first of all, Chris Bumstead takes credit for really growing his popularity. He grew up in the days of Instagram when he started. You can gain followers very quickly,” Gaspari said.

“He has three million followers on TikTok. 9.5 plus three million on TikTok. Then he’s very popular on YouTube. What he’s done is he’s used YouTube’s vehicle to show his training, his progress, how he eats. It got into his Instagram which has grown tremendously to 9.5 million. He’s become really, really popular.

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Rich Gaspari continues to tell the story of a show he attended in New York. The store where the show was set allowed fans to meet their favorite celebrities. Gaspari recalls the line to meet Bumstead being “simply amazing”.

“He has his own brand. I mean, he’s really smart. It is one of the few competitive coachbuilders that also owns a business and a brand.

Chris bumstead back workout

Rich Gaspari on Open Bodybuilders: “It takes them a lot longer”

Rich Gaspari is not the first to make the comparison between Classic Physique and Men’s Open. Many believe that Classic Physique is the future of the sport, and competitors like Chris Bumstead are a big reason why.

When discussing the current state of Open Bodybuilding, Gaspari comments on how long it takes to achieve this type of physique.

“You look at these guys and their physiques are unattainable. It takes them much longer. I can’t say that for Nick Walker. The normal guys who are at the Olympia are between 30 and 40 years old. It takes that long to gain all that muscle.

Gaspari presents Nick Walker as an exception because of the size he was able to take at such a young age.

“Nick Walker is in his twenties and is so tall,” Gaspari said.

There is no doubt that Chris Bumstead is one of the most popular bodybuilders on the planet today, if not the most popular. He is preparing to win his fourth consecutive Olympic title and it will only strengthen his reputation and his brand.

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Teresa E. Burton