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Barakat Tamer is an Egyptian American professional International Natural Bodybuilding Association (INBA)/Professional Natural Bodybuilding Association (PNBA) natural bodybuilder born January 15, 1971. He is the defending champion of the Natural Olympia Classic Physique Masters. Despite a weight disadvantage of 40 to 60 poundsBarakat also placed 2nd in the Men’s Bodybuilding Grand Master and placed in the top five in the Men’s Bodybuilding Open Division at Natural Olympia.

Besides, Tamer Barakat is the first Vegan to sign a multimedia contract with Generation Iron and Iron Man Magazine.

Below is a full breakdown of Tamer Barakat’s profile, stats, biography, education and diet.

Full name: Tamer Barakat
Weight Height Date of Birth
140-160 pounds 5’4″ 01/15/1971
Division Time Nationality
Classical Physics, Bodybuilding 2010 Egyptian American


Image via Instagram @ironbulk15

Tamer Barakat was born and raised in Egypt on January 15, 1971. Barakat was drawn to sports from an early age. Barakat’s first sport was football (soccer), and by the time he was a teenager, Barakat was competing nationally in judo. As part of Barakat’s judo training, he lifted weights. Tamer Barakat fell in love with weightlifting and transforming his body in the gym.

In Barakat’s late teens, he took up bodybuilding and enjoyed the camaraderie of the sport. From age 19 to 21, Barakat competed and won national-level amateur competitions. As Tamer Barakat was natural (no doping), he got discouraged at 21 when he realized he couldn’t compete with fair competition. So he quit the competition. However, he continued to train as he loved being in the gym.

Barakat moved to the United States at the age of 27 for work. However, it was only at the age of 49 that Barakat discovered the INBA PNBA and natural bodybuilding. Ironically, Barakat thought his time in bodybuilding competition was over, but that was just the beginning. Tamer Barakat said:

“I have always wondered why I have remained consistent in my training and nutrition for so long, for almost 30 years since my last competition at the age of 21, now I know why!”

Competition history

  • Muscle range 2020:
    • Classic physique and bodybuilding (pro cards earned) – 1st
  • Natural Olympia 2020:
    • Masters in Classical Physics – 1st
    • Open Physical Classic – 3rd
  • 2021 Iron Man International Magazine:
    • Bodybuilding Masters – 1st
    • Open Physical Classic – 1st
  • Classic Wolfpack 2021:
    • Grand Masters of bodybuilding – 1st
  • World Cup 2021:
    • Open Bodybuilding – 1st
    • Open Physical Classic – 2nd
  • Natural Olympia 2021:
    • Masters in Classical Physics – 1st
    • Grand Masters of bodybuilding – 2nd
    • Open Physical Classic – 4th
    • Open Bodybuilding – 5th

Tamer Barakat Workout Plan

Tamer Barakat firmly believes that you should change up your workout routine and add variety to your movements for continuous progress. Therefore, he changes his training every 4-6 weeks.

Barakat does a five-day split diet during the off-season – one muscle group per day. Plus, he’ll do a 12-week cycle of strength, hypertrophy (waist) and pump training – split into four weeks. The first four weeks are heavyweight focused in the 3-6 rep range. Then Barakat uses moderate weight in the next phase and increases the reps to 8-12 reps. During the last four weeks of Barakat’s 12-week cycle, he will reduce weight and increase sets to 12-15 reps, including supersets and drop sets. To help with recovery he will do a week of discharge and then repeat the 12 week cycle – with new/modified exercises.

As the season approaches, Barakat will switch to a push/pull/leg split five days a week. He will change these movements every six weeks for continued muscle growth.

Tamer Barakat also likes incorporate Olympic lifting movements as the clean and shake and snippets during his off-season training 1-2 times a week. He believes it will trigger a higher neuroendocrine response and help him gain more strength.

Below is a clip of Barakat performing the power cleans and snatches on social media.

What are Tamer Barakat’s favorite exercises?


Tamer Barakat is a vegan. According to Barakat:

“I’m vegan for animals, so everything is plant-based. I mostly eat the same thing every day, whether in season or out of season, the difference is the amount of food. I get most of my protein from my vegan protein supplement, usually I mix it with oatmeal and/or drink it as a shake, the rest of my meals are usually a rice/quinoa mix , mushrooms, salad and seitan/tofu/tempeh….etc [sic]”

Private life

When Tamer Barakat is not preparing for shows, he enjoys spending time with his family: his wife, two teenagers, three dogs and two cats. They enjoy traveling and spending quality time at home. Barakat also enjoys reading, painting and relaxing after a hard day’s work and training.

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