PNBA Evet Markarian Shares Vital Bikini Bodybuilding Tips

PNBA Evet Markarian shares critical abdominal exercises and nutrition tips for the INBA PNBA Bikini category.

Visible athletic abs are essential to the judgment criteria in the International Natural Bodybuilding Association (INBA)/Professional Natural Bodybuilding Association (PNBA) Bikini Divas course. And, of course, your nutrition is essential for every natural bodybuilding division. Athlete of the Professional Natural Bodybuilding Association (PNBA) Evet Markarian is a bikini competitor, and she explains abdominal exercises and nutritional advice to help sculpt your physique for the bikini division.

According to Evet Markarian’s Instagram profile, it’s a Natural Olympia 2021 Gold Medalist in Bikini, Bikini Angelsand Sports model categories. And she shared a post on February 7, 2022, that she received her PNBA pro card.

Bikini Bodybuilding Ab Exercises and Benefits

Evet Markarian does boards and hanging leg raises staples in his abdominal workout plan. On Instagram, she exposed the benefits of each abs exercise.


Evet Markarian said:

Planks are a simple and powerful full body exercise that can help you build lower and upper body strength, engage your core, and build your ability to strengthen your abs while activating other related muscles, such as your glutes, hamstrings and lower muscles. return. The plank also improves your body posture. Even doing a single minute plank each day can help you achieve amazing results over time.

Hanging leg raises

Evet Markarian said:

Are hanging leg raises effective?

Yes! Hanging leg raises primarily work the abs and hip flexors, and are a great addition to any fitness routine for overall core strength, spinal health, and mobility.

Start by hanging onto a bar keeping your body straight, then raise your legs parallel to the floor keeping them straight (4 x 12/15).

Fitness Nutrients

Evet Markarian also emphasized the importance of including proper nutrition in your diet. markarian said:

Why are nutrients important for fitness?

They give your body the energy it needs to do the work you want, even if you’re trying to lose weight. Insufficient nutrition can reduce muscle mass, reduce bone density and cause fatigue. It puts you at risk of injury and disease, increases recovery time, causes hormonal issues and, for women, menstrual problems.

You need quality carbs, lean protein, heart-healthy fats, and fluids for exercise.

Bikini Bodybuilding Division

There are a few different INBA PNBA Bikini Divisions including Divas in bikinisBikini Angels and Biknin Mamas.

Abs definition is essential in the Bikini Divas division but not necessarily in the Bikini Angels class. Bikini Divas athletes should exhibit a slight degree of definition. But Bikini Angels contestants are scored primarily on their presentation and personality.

Therefore, INBA PNBA athletes should train according to the division in which they compete, as each division will require individual criteria for judging scoring. For example, the champion Men’s Physique Natural Olympia William Long says legs won’t play a big role in the Men’s Physique division since swim shorts are worn.

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Teresa E. Burton