PNBA Classic Physique Kevin Chapman’s Incredible Natural Bodybuilding Transformation

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PNBA Classic Physique Kevin Chapman presents an inspiring natural bodybuilding transformation.

Natural bodybuilding has seen many inspiring transformations, especially within the International Natural Bodybuilding Association (INBA)/Professional Natural bodybuilding Associative League (PNBA). Competitor PNBA Classic Physics Kevin Chapman showcased his natural bodybuilding transformation on social media.

You can see Kevin Chapman’s natural bodybuilding transformation below.

Kevin Chapman placed fourth at Natural Olympia 2021 in the Men’s Classic Physique Masters class (11th in the Open Men’s Classic Physique). And he plans to work on improving his physique for the future. In an Instagram post on November 15, 2021, after Natural Olympia, Chapman expressed:

“Thank you to everyone who supported me on this year’s road to #NaturalOlympia2021. The goal was for the top 5 to come in 4th!!!!

To my wife – You started me on this journey and showed what is possible when you choose change over the status quo! Now we’re aiming for that #1 spot together!!

And a huge thank you to all the other children and grandchildren!! (Yes I am a grandfather)

@inbapnbaglobal_official what a show!! What a great organization to compete!!!

@michaelpucci_ #teamunique the man with the blueprint – best coach Natty hands down!!

@genethebarber81 as well as providing the sickest fade on the planet – I appreciate the encouragement and conversations that always get me off the beaten path

@tanningbyshawnjohn making sure all our hard work is properly shown on stage!! Thank you to you and your team!!

We haven’t finished training Fam starts now to improve the whole physique to bring something really special on stage in the near future – stay tuned, you don’t want to miss this!!! ”

INBA PNBA training

The INBA PNBA allows athletes to develop their most excellent physical potential without the use of drugs. And compete on the biggest natural bodybuilding scene with the biggest names in a supportive and friendly environment.

To build that elite natural physique and share a stage with natural bodybuilding greats like Chad Martin and Philip Ricardo Jr.natural bodybuilders train intensively with lots of volume and a strict nutritional plan. Preparation for the competition is all the more rigorous as it is the weeks preceding a performance. Natural athletes have reported trouble sleeping, hormonal imbalances, and fatigue during this tough time.

That said, many natural bodybuilder training and nutrition are healthy for most of their careers as they spend a lot of time getting bigger in the offseason. And even take years of competition to focus on growing their physique. Plus, since they are natural, they don’t bulk as much as steroid users. Natural athletes need to give their bodies more time to recover between workouts. For instance, Ben Howard only trains three days a week.

Natural bodybuilding has enabled the longevity of natural athletes who want to have their physique in top shape and compete indefinitely. For example, Chad Martin and Philip Ricardo Jr. have competed in natural bodybuilding for decades. And still have a fantastic physique past middle age.

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Teresa E. Burton