PNBA Athlete Caleb Attwater’s One-Year-Old Bodybuilding Natural Transformation

Image via Instagram @markdobeson

The PNBA Classic Physique and Bodybuilding competitor shows what is possible after a year of natural strength training.

Natural bodybuilding gets you in fantastic shape without the use of drugs. Professional Association of Natural Bodybuilding (PNBA) athlete by Caleb Attwater transformation photos show how much your body can transform after a year of natural strength training.

Caleb Attwater is an Australian Classical Physique and International Natural Bodybuilding Association (INBA) bodybuilding competitor. He recently became a professional bodybuilder with the INBA PNBA league after winning first place overall in the Classic Physique and Bodybuilding divisions at the Sydney Championships – this was Attwater’s first bodybuilding competition.

Caleb Attwater is coached by Unrivaled Physiques – owned by Mark Dobeson and PNBA Figure competitor Beccy Pateman. Attwater’s trainer, Dobeson, uploaded progress photos of Attwater’s transformation for a year after preparing for his first competition. Dobeson said:

“Last year @calebattwater contacted us and mentioned that he would like to participate in his first bodybuilding competition… Swipe to see his very impressive transformation! It’s been over a year of hard work, dedication and accountability from Caleb and it has really paid off. We couldn’t be prouder as coaches and as friends of what this man has accomplished.

Caleb’s work ethic and true champion mindset are admirable to say the least! He has seen many challenges over the past 12 months mentally and physically, but has continued to stay consistent and has followed every meal plan and workout schedule we have provided.

Caleb won his pro card with @inba_australia both in male bodybuilding and in the classic male physique! Absolutely thrilled and I can’t wait to see his future success in the bodybuilding community!”

You can see Caleb Attwater’s full transformation photos below.

Natural bodybuilding

The natural bodybuilding leagues differ from the International Federation of Bodybuilders (IFBB) Pro League by prohibiting drug use. However, the bodybuilding categories are similar and the INBA PNBA league puts on the most important natural bodybuilding show, Natural Olympiasame as IFBB Pro Mr. Olympia. However, INBA PNBA competitors are doping tested during and out of season by World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) variant labs.

Sure, steroids improve your physique, but they can come with nasty side effects, and many blame performance-enhancing drugs (PEDs) for the surge in deaths who have invaded the sport of bodybuilding. Nevertheless, many bodybuilders have sworn to stay healthy for themselves, their families and loved ones, so go the elegant way.

For example, the INBA PNBA Pro/Am International Battle Against Cancer the competition took place last weekend, May 28, 2022. And many competitors have taken up natural bodybuilding to cope with their cancer battle. And some have even pointed to natural bodybuilding as a cure for the disease.

Additionally, some athletes join the INBA PNBA to compete in bodybuilding with a level playing field, which the elite drug testing protocols – the INBA PNBA’s WADA screening – provides.

Last word

Sadly, many bodybuilders have died, and many fans, competitors, and pundits believe PEDs are to blame. Fortunately, natural bodybuilding allows motivated and dedicated individuals to take their fitness to the next level in a safe and fair environment. Especially INBA PNBA athletes since they test their athletes to Olympic level standards.

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Teresa E. Burton