Petar Klančir withdraws from 2022 bodybuilding season with bicep injury; Wishes to train

On August 5, 2022, Petar Klančir has announced he will not compete for the remainder of the 2022 bodybuilding season due to a ‘broken’ biceps tendon. It’s a blow to the Men’s Open contender, who had risen to visa challenges to enjoy one of his busiest years of IFBB competition. Appearing in perhaps his best form in 2022, many critics felt that a possible Mr. Olympia stage appearance was within reach. Thanks to Klančir’s unyielding attitude, this could still be the case in the future.

The Croatian first alerted bodybuilders to the injury news in an Instagram post:

“It’s a wrap! 2022 has been an emotional rollercoaster. I missed two competitions… due to US visa issues… made it to the first calls without a fuss and… finished third in the Mr. Big Evolution contest in Portugal.

While Klančir’s bicep injury sidelined him for the rest of the season, the caption to his Instagram post suggests he remains in good spirits. Check it out below:

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Petar Klančir promises to continue training

Klančir is a seasoned athlete beyond bodybuilding. The Zagrebian is a hurdle record holder and has no intention of resting on his laurels. He informed fans on August 6, 2022 that he planned to undergo surgery to repair his right biceps tendon and would continue to train despite the disappointing setback.

I feel positive. Maybe I can’t train arms and back, but…[can] have progress in other muscle groups, especially the legs and abs.

Klančir kicked off his bodybuilding career with a bang when he won the 2012 NABBA Mr. Universe. In 2014, he finished second in the Amateur Olympia Europe. Then, in 2015, the Croatian earned his IFBB Pro League card with an overall win at that year’s Mr. Olympia Amateur in Prague.

In 2016 Klančir finished third in the IFBB Nordic Pro. Although not his last competition, it was the 2022 season that caught the attention of many observers, with an Instagram post made on July 10, 2022, showing his recent progress. He illustrated the progress he had made in a comparison photo. The most recent image at the bottom of the post was that he looked ripped and muscled. In subsequent posts showing off his massive legs, back, arms and chest, it became apparent that Klančir would be a contender to watch.

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With so much potential and points still up for grabs, Klančir’s abrupt end to the 2022 season was understandably summed up as an “emotional rollercoaster”. Initially, his season got off to a false start – Klančir was forced to miss two competitions, including the 2022 New York Pro, due to US visa issues. Fortunately, that proved to be a bump in the road, as he then placed fifth at the 2022 California Pro and recently secured third place at the 2022 Mr. Big Evolution Pro in Portugal.

Although Klančir did not disclose further details about his injury at the time of this article’s publication, such as which of the three biceps tendons broke or tore, it is a relatively common injury among men. bodybuilders because of the frequency and force with which they lift. The length of Klančir’s inactivity depends on the severity of the damage to his tendon. If surgery is needed to reattach Klančir’s tendon to the bone as expected, recovery time will vary but will likely be in the range of at least four to five months, depending on Health line. However, a full recovery to resume full strength training could take up to a year. (1) Hopefully we’ll see the big man from Zagreb back on the competitive scene in 2023.


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Featured image: @ifbb_pro_petar_klancir on Instagram

Teresa E. Burton