Olympia Natural Champion Paul Krueger Lists The 5 Pillars Of Bodybuilding

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Olympia’s natural champion, Paul Krueger, names the 5 pillars of bodybuilding to conquer any fitness goal.

To be an elite professional bodybuilder, yet a champion, there are certain principles that every bodybuilder must adhere to. These strategies that you must follow are even more critical as a natural bodybuilder since physique enhancement from drugs is prohibited. The Natural Olympia 2021 Professional Natural bodybuilding (PNBA) Male Bodybuilding Champion, Paul Kruger, names the 5 pillars of bodybuilding if you want to succeed in the sport. Kruger said:

“Focus on the five pillars of bodybuilding day by day and you can achieve the goal you set for yourself.

What are the 5 pillars?

In no specific order because they all have the same importance:

1) training

2) power supply

3) supplementation

4) recovery

5) state of mind

Think of these things in a circular diagram rather than a list. Each is connected to (and overlaps with) the others and influences the outcome.

You can see Paul Krueger’s full post on Instagram below.

Krueger won the Natural Olympia weeks after getting his pro cardjoining the rosters of other Natural Olympia champions, such as Kiyoshi Moody and Mehack Ochieng. And he plans to retain his Natural Olympia title this year.

5 pillars of bodybuilding

According to Paul Krueger, the five pillars of bodybuilding are coaching, nutrition, supplementation, recoveryand state of mind.


Training as a natural bodybuilder is similar to bodybuilders using steroids, except there is one vital difference. Volume and recovery time are less. Natural athletes cannot train with as much volume and must allow more time for recovery.

Depending on the athlete, the volume and recovery time of each athlete is determined. For instance, Philip Ricardo Jr. trains hard 6-7 days a week. However, he structures his split routine in a way that allows for recovery. But other natural athletes may only train 3-4 days a week to allow more time for recovery.


Although every natural bodybuilder’s nutrition varies, one thing is certain: they follow a strict diet to achieve their nutritional goals. And are even stricter when preparing for the competition. However, some natural athletes are vegansand others do keto or fasting. Also, some athletes are quite flexible in the off season and enjoy what they want to eat more.


The part of the athlete’s natural nutrition supplements varies. But International Natural Bodybuilding Association (INBA)/PNBA natural bodybuilders should check their supplements for any ingredients that may be prohibited by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) prohibited drug guidelines. Popular natural bodybuilder supplements are creatine, whey protein, fat burners, BCAAs, Vitamin D, fish oiland ashwaganda.


Recovery is paramount for natural bodybuilders as they cannot harness anabolic steroids, which can speed up recovery time between workouts. As a result, natural athletes take longer for movements, do less bulk, and structure their plan to allow their muscles to recover before fully targeting them again.

State of mind

It takes tremendous discipline and hard work to build the physique of bodybuilders. These athletes train hard and follow a rigid diet every day. Not going to the gym because you are tired or giving in to indulge in a cheat meal is not an option for professional bodybuilders. Of course, your mental strength must be incredible to live this lifestyle.

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Teresa E. Burton