Natural Bodybuilder Dr. Peter Cichonski Signs Media Deal

INBA PNBA natural bodybuilder Dr. Peter Cichonski signs media deal with Generation Iron and INBA PNBA.

International Association of Natural Bodybuilding (INBA)/Professional Association of Natural Bodybuilding (PNBA) athlete Dr. Peter Cichonskisigns a multimedia contract with Generation Iron and Iron Man magazine. Cichonski got third place in the Grand masters of male bodybuilding dividing to Natural Olympia 2021.

Peter Cichonski is also a chiropractor and he believes sunlight can help you live longer.

Peter Cichonski is one of many INBA PNBA athletes who have now signed a contract. The INBA PNBA released a statement on social media expressing their gratitude to Peter Cichonski for signing his contract. The INBA PNBA said:

“Congratulations Pierre Cichonski @dr.petercichonski Representing the @pnbawolfpack Over 50 natural bodybuilders.

Well-deserved !

Looking forward to seeing and hearing many more from you on the @generationiron



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Peter Cichonski also posted his expression of gratitude on social media. Cichonsky wrote:

“I am truly grateful for the incredible opportunity to be selected to sign a multimedia contract between INBA/PNBA @inbapnbaglobal_official@generationiron and @ironmanmagazine . I look forward to amplifying the exposure of Natural Bodybuilding globally.

You can see the full post of Peter Cichonski signing the contract on Instagram below.

Advantages of signing a multimedia contract

Every INBA PNBA athlete is respected and win the chance to win cash and prizes up to $10,000. Additionally, however, INBA PNBA contestants who land a media contract get exclusive benefits. The INBA PNBA said the agreement is:

“An opportunity for a natural bodybuilding athlete to gain fame and recognition in the sport of natural bodybuilding, by leveraging the association’s promotional campaign through iron man magazine, news and events, and the iron generation platform .”

Contracted athletes will have the opportunity for promotions, brand building (social media posts, write-ups and photo shoots), special appearances, poses and seminars. Competitors will also receive advertisements and nutrition facts from Iron Man Magazine.

In order for INBA PNBA athletes to have a chance of signing a contract, they must follow the World Anti-Doping Agency guidelines – best standards for doping testing in professional sport – and be in good standing with the league.

History of the INBA PNBA

The INBA PNBA was founded by Denny Kakos and has grown steadily since 1988. Prior to the establishment of the INBA PNBA, the drug-free organization of the American Bodybuilding Association (ABA) was founded.

The ABA’s motto was to “Serve the Natural Athletes”. Denny Kakos co-founded ABA after wanting a league that would serve natural athletes by promoting headline natural competitions, quality awards and first-class running contests.

Denny Kakos then founded the PNBA in 1990, which was an opportunity for natural athletes to compete in professional competitions who qualified to turn pro. Kakos further expanded the league to INBA in 1994 to unify the countries and standardize natural bodybuilding globally. New Zealand was the first country to join, followed by Australia. The INBA PNBA is now present in more than 60 countries and continues to grow.

The INBA PNBA wanted a more level playing field for its athletes, so they began drug testing through WADA labs.

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Teresa E. Burton