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If you find it hard to lose body fat and are eat healthy and exercise, you might want to turn to a quality fat burner. achieve weight loss plateau and fighting to lose stubborn body fat is a nuisance but typical.

Combining efficiency strength training program in moderation cardio and a good diet is the best way to burn fat. But sometimes you need an edge to burn extra body fat if you’ve hit a plateau, can’t get rid of stubborn belly fat, or want to speed up the process. This is where fat burners come in. Fat burners aren’t magic diet pillbut quality that will help you burn fat.

The Right Fat Burner contains caffeine to improve workout performance and speed up your metabolism, along with other beneficial ingredients that support weight management and increase focus and energy for better workouts. This article will dive deep into the premium fat burner Myprotein LE Thermo-X to see if it’s worth it.

MyProtein My Thermo-X

Myprotein THE Thermo-X has everything a quality fat burner should have with added benefits. This supplement contains caffeine to speed up your metabolism and boost workout performance.

Main takeaways

  • A quality fat burner will help you burn stubborn body fat and speed up the fat burning process.
  • Myprotein THE Thermo-X has the powerful combination of caffeine and theacrine to boost your energy for explosive workouts and to speed up your metabolism.
  • This supplement contains additional beneficial ingredients for weight loss, such as CapsiMax, which contains herbal red chili pepper capsicum, which research supports boosts your metabolism.

What is a Fat Burner?

Fat burners, as the name suggests, are supplements that contain ingredients to help you burn fat. These products contain natural or artificial ingredients to increase your resting metabolic rate. Since you will burn more calories at rest, you will lose weight and lose weight. Of course, assuming the fat burner contains quality ingredients.

Components of a good fat burner

Caffeine is a must for fat burners. This is because caffeine stimulates your nervous system and puts you in a thermogenic state – generating more heat and energy from the digestion of food – to help you burn calories. Caffeine also suppresses your appetite, so naturally you will consume fewer calories. Plus, caffeine will also give you a increased energy and mental focus to increase your training performance.

A quality fat burner will also contain other beneficial fat burning ingredients such as capsicum and bioperine. CapsiMax is a form of capsicum from hot red peppers that promotes weight loss. And Bioperine, a black pepper extract that increases nutrient absorption.

Fat burners should also contain other components that increase your physical performance, cognitive abilities, and energy, so you can crush your workouts to burn more calories. So, other beneficial ingredients that a good fat burner would contain include theacrine and rhodiola.

THE strengths of Thermo-X

THE Thermo-X is produced by Myprotein, which markets only premium supplements, such as Myprotein Impact Whey Protein. This supplement is formulated with the right dosage of caffeine. And it contains CapsiMax to support weight management, thermogenesis and lipolysis (fat breakdown).

THE Thermo-X stands out from other fat burners because it’s blended with ingredients that also increase your focus and energy, which are essential for getting an effective body fat burning workout. Plus, it contains the active ingredient theacrine, which works synergistically with caffeine to boost energy levels without the side effects of too much caffeine, like anxiety and nervousness.

MyProtein The Thermo-X nutrition labelIngredients to burn fat and increase concentration

THE Thermo-X contains many ingredients that control your weight and increase your mental alertness.

  • Caffeine: Caffeine speeds up your metabolism and increases workout performance (1).
  • Theacrine: A patented form of theacrine that works synergistically with caffeine. And it can improve cognitive and physical performance because it affects adenosine signaling (2).
  • Alpha-GPC: It is a cholinergic compound that increases levels of acetylcholine in your brain to boost cognitive abilities and explosive performance (3).
  • Rhodiola: Rhodiola is an adaptogenic herb that can prevent fatigue (4).
  • CapsiMax: A patented form of capsicum, a derivative of hot red peppers that helps you lose weight (5).
  • 5-HTP: This is a West African shrub seed that boosts serotonin, a neurotransmitter that helps regulate your appetite and mood (6).
  • Theobromine: This ingredient in cocoa is similar to caffeine and increases your focus and alertness (seven).
  • Bioperine: BioPerine is a patented form of black pepper extract that increases nutrient absorption. Of course, the more nutrients you take in, the more effective they are. This ingredient can therefore help other components to work better (8).

Featured Fat Burner: Myprotein THE Thermo-X

Many fat burners exist, but we recommend Myprotein THE Thermo-X. This supplement contains the right dosage of caffeine and other cognitive and physical performance ingredients like theacrine to ensure you get the most effective workout possible to boost fat loss. Plus, caffeine boosts your metabolism, which aids in weight loss. But because caffeine and theacrine work synergistically, this fat burner gives you all the benefits of caffeine without the negative side effects that a supplement with too much caffeine can have. In addition, it contains other beneficial ingredients specific to weight management, such as CapsiMax.

Thermo-X Nutrition (per serving)

  • Caffeine: 100mg
  • Theobromine: 200mg
  • Theacrine: 125mg
  • Alpha-GPC: 100mg
  • Rhodiola: 65mg
  • CapsiMax: 50mg
  • 5-HTP: 50mg
  • Bioperine: 2.5mg

How to best use Myprotein THE Thermo-X

Myprotein recommends taking one capsule of THE Thermo-X daily with 8 oz of water for the first week to see your tolerance level. And if your body is tolerable, increase the dose to two capsules per day. They also recommend no more than four tablets in 24 hours.

MyProtein My Thermo-X

Myprotein THE Thermo-X has everything a quality fat burner should have with added benefits. This supplement contains caffeine to speed up your metabolism and boost workout performance.

Overall value

Myprotein THE Thermo-X has everything a quality fat burner should have with added benefits. This supplement contains caffeine to speed up your metabolism and boost workout performance. But it does contain acrine, which works similarly to caffeine to offset the potential side effects of excessive caffeine consumption. And it also contains the powerful red chili herb, capsicum, to aid weight loss. Overall, it’s a premium fat burner that will help you lose weight and improve your physical performance and cognitive abilities.

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