‘My wife is a fantastic cook’: 62-year-old bodybuilding veteran shared secret to longevity and healthy aging

Bodybuilding legend Lee Labrada is all about fitness. He is one of those rare renowned bodybuilders who have never won Mr. Olympia but are remembered for their physique. In 1985, Lee won the Mr. Universe title. He also placed fourth in the Mr. Olympia for seven consecutive years. The bodybuilder was also a runner-up in the 1993 Arnold Schwarzenegger Classic. Amazingly, the 62-year-old still managed to look muscular and fit.


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Throughout Lee’s bodybuilding career, he promoted fitness. He desires to help people build fit and toned bodies. Lee has had the opportunity to appear on the cover of over 100 bodybuilding and fitness magazines. He has also been the fitness expert on many famous channels like CNBC, FOX, NBC, etc.


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How does the bodybuilding legend stay in shape?

Lee started bodybuilding at the age of 16. He wanted to get in shape to play on his school’s soccer team. Then Lee began to participate in bodybuilding championships. The fitness expert won his first bodybuilding contest before graduating from high school.

His aura of a fitness enthusiast led him to be named the first fitness czar in the city of Houston. Lee started a campaign called “Get Lean Houston!”. He helped the people of Houston stay fit and healthy.

Lee doesn’t look out of shape even at the age of 62. In a recent interview with Fouad Abiad Media, Lee opened up about the secret to his longevity. He said:

“I ate the traditional way in bodybuilding, which is five to six meals a day for over 45 years. I really take care of my health. I eat very very clean. It helps me stay healthy,”

Then he talked about his eating habits;

“Sure. Once in a while I’ll have a bowl of ice cream, or you know, if someone’s eating pasta, I’ll have a few bites. But I tend to eat the good bodybuilding food first, and my wife is a fantastic cook so it’s not like I’m eating jerky chicken breasts and jerky potatoes.


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The bodybuilder also insisted on eating in moderation. He eats healthy foods and consumes very few complex carbohydrates. Lee also focuses on daily exercise. He enjoys strength training more than any other form of exercise.

What is Lee Labrada doing now?

Lee has mastered the gym and business. As the bodybuilder has always been into fitness, he runs a health and nutrition focused company, Labrada Nutrition. It also creates award-winning nutrition and supplement products.


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Additionally, with over 30 years of experience, Lee wrote a book called The Lean Body Promise in 2005. It has motivated over 60,000 people to get in better shape.

Teresa E. Burton