Mike O’Hearn trains with bodybuilder Aleksey Mokshyn in creative triceps workout

Standing at six feet, two inches tall and 270 pounds of muscle, actor, model and bodybuilder Mike O’Hearn is a force in the gym. O’Hearn uploaded a tricep workout to his YouTube channel on July 6, 2022. He was joined by Алексей Мокшин (Aleksey Mokshyn) from Ukraine to guide Mokshyn through the hardcore arm workout in a tight 55 minutes.

O’Hearn shares with Mokshyn what he wants to get out of training, understanding that it may not be possible to accomplish everything in 55 minutes. However, entering the gym with purpose and brainstorming will work in synergy with training.

I’d like to create density…rip the fibers…some range of motion…finish with a push-up; something that sets up for longevity. All these aspects in a single workout in 55 minutes.

Check out the full workout below:

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One Arm Crossover Triceps Extensions

Mokshyn begins the workout with what is generally considered a rear delt exercise in the cable machine, but fixes his elbows to the side of his torso and extends his triceps, so his arms are straight at 45 angles. degrees at full contraction. This subtle twist turns them into an effective exercise for the triceps. O’Hearn and Mokshyn work through multiple sets of varying reps to find the best positioning and range of motion for each other.

Should we call him the Alek or the Wolverine?

O’Hearn thinks the exercise is a great warm-up for the triceps and for tuning into a mind-muscle connection. Mokshyn brings up the fact that everyone has a different “resistance peak” and people have to work to find that point. This can make exercise more effective and training more productive.

For example, O’Hearn had to take a bigger step back from his original position so that the tension remained loaded on his triceps through the full range of motion.

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Skull crushers/Shoes Superset

The second and final triceps exercise performed by O’Hearn and Mokshyn is a superset to hit all three heads of the triceps. The goal was to work their range of motion using only their body weight with a skull crusher variation in the Smith machine. They layered that with incline pushups, also in the Smith machine, taking what is often a simple exercise and using it as a pre-exhaust to boost hypertrophy.

He asks how hard his body is working throughout the workout, not the other way around.

After Mokshyn does a set, O’Hearn makes some adjustments and shows Mokshyn how he can better use the exercises to work the triceps.

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At 53, Mike O’Hearn still has a lean physique filled with dense muscle. O’Hearn’s recent triceps session with Mokshyn proved that even with the level of success and stardom O’Hearn has achieved, there are always more tricks and ways to improve in the gym.

Featured Image: @mikeohearn on Instagram

Teresa E. Burton