Michal Krizo’s diet and fitness plan that helps him prepare for bodybuilding competition

Michal Krizo, a rising star in the bodybuilding world, has been making waves for a while. He boasts an envious physique, and thanks to his YouTube channel, we now have first-hand information on his diet. Krizo has shared his food routine and diet plan as he prepares for his upcoming competition.

He has earned a solid reputation for his size, earning the respect of many bodybuilding veterans. Jay Cutler, one of the most iconic bodybuilders of all time, said Krizo has the “craziest arms” he’s ever seen, and Krizo’s muscle fibers are unlike anything in the current generation.

On that note, let’s take a look at Krizo’s diet and fitness program:

Michal Krizo bodybuilding diet and fitness plan

In a YouTube video, Krizo talked about his daily food plan:

“Nowadays it’s 6 big meals plus one meal is a post-workout protein shake that’s always 70 grams of protein powder. For what I eat, the first meal of the day is always 120g of porridge. rice and 75 g protein powder The second meal is 10 whole eggs plus 50 g ham The third meal is 300 g cod plus 120 g rice porridge with 30 g protein powder.

He continued:

“Then I train after the 3rd meal. Usually 2 hours after meal I eat at 1pm then I train at 3pm. I have the post workout protein shake which is 70g of protein powder I have the next meal when I get home, same meal as before training, so it’s 300g cod, 120g rice porridge and 30g protein powder.

Krizo talked about his next meal:

“The next meal is the same again just in place of the 120g of rice porridge. I eat 120g of buckwheat porridge, with 30 grams of protein powder. And the last meal, the 6th meal is either 2 quarks (light cheese curd) with peanut butter, usually 40g peanut butter in 500g cottage cheese, or I have a 250g cottage cheese and flavored protein milk they sell at the Lidl supermarket. There’s 35g of protein in a serving, it’s a sugar-free shake, that’s all.”

Such a vast sea of ​​information coming directly from the bodybuilder himself is quite amazing. Looking at his routine, it’s pretty easy to follow, as there’s a lot of information to digress.

Krizo eats six large meals a day. While eating six small portions is becoming commonplace, six large meals are unheard of. Still, that’s not surprising given its size. What is really shocking is the fact that Krizo consumes around six scoops of whey protein per day. Yes, six.

That’s 180 grams of protein just from his shakes. For most people, that’s enough for the day. However, Krizo does not stop there. After a dozen eggs, a few more fish, cod, to be precise, rice pudding and tons of peanut butter, Krizo stops.


Michal Krizo is one of the biggest and most impressive bodybuilders around. He has a combination of supreme genetics and metabolic ability coupled with his insane workouts and diet.

It takes a lot to maintain a physique like his, and he certainly makes sure he keeps getting bigger and stronger.

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