Meet Harraj S Lamba, the Indian bodybuilder’s journey from breaking pectoral muscle to success – The UBJ

The sad moment when Harraj Lamba was preparing for his first competition in the Las Vegas super league in the United States, tore his right pectoral muscle during the bench press. But you never lose hope. We fall, we rise and we overcome.

As he lowers the bar towards his chest, his muscle seems to stick outward, away from his bone. It’s unclear how much he was trying to lift when the accident happened in 2018
Before flying for his first competition in California. So he underwent major surgery in Mumbai.

Later he posts on social media, Harraj thanks those who supported him saying he wouldn’t have been able to fix his muscle at the “right level” if I didn’t have the support and the love from my fans.

The procedure itself was only supposed to take an hour, but ended up taking four hours after doctors failed to realize the extent of the injury.

They ended up having to rebuild his pectoral muscle because the tendon had torn the bone and the muscle then separated from the tendon. It was the first surgery Harraj had ever had.

Harraj Lamba has recovered from the incident but explained in a social media post that 3 years later he is a bit further than he had hoped.

Harraj S Lambacame, 31, is back stronger than ever and believes he was destined to be a role model and inspire the world and work even harder to achieve his dreams.

Harraj says, “Nothing is impossible in life, just believe in yourself. You can achieve anything, stay improved. Improved for life.

You can follow him on Instagram @Harraj S Lamba.

Teresa E. Burton