Matias Scopinaro showcases sensational back transformation into natural bodybuilding

Argentinian INBA PNBA athlete Matias Scopinaro showcases jaw-dropping transformation after 13 years of natural bodybuilding.

Building a shredded back will dramatically improve your physique. A muscled and ripped will help you with your daily tasks, stabilize you on the dumbbell bench press and improve your V-taper. International Natural Bodybuilding Association (INBA)/Professional Natural Bodybuilding Association (PNBA) athlete Matias Scopinaro took to social media to post a dramatic transformation image of his back after 13 years of natural bodybuilding.

Matias Scopinaro is an Argentine INBA PNBA competitor. He’s a 3x Natural Olympia competitor and earned a top 10 spot in the Classic Physique category at Natural Olympia 2021. And Scopinaro wasn’t shy about his strong opinions about drug use in natural bodybuilding.

On April 13, 2022, Matias Scopinaro uploaded an amazing 13-year-old back transformation photo on Instagram (IG). Scopinaro said (translate to English):

“13 years of difference.

Without stopping, focused and always trying to progress a little more each day. Consistency and patience always win the race.

Results come when you stop thinking about instant gratification and see the path as a lifestyle, without passion, nothing is worth it. When you appreciate the way the results come in, it’s inevitable. I see these two photos and I project myself into the future… what will the next version look like in 13 years?

Forget the cheap shortcut, get it right, stick with it over time, and you’ll be amazed at what you’re able to achieve naturally.

You can see her full transformation photo and caption on IG below.

Natural bodybuilding prohibits drug use

Natural bodybuilders rely on well thought out structured plans to build the best natural body. The INBA PNBA league reviews every competitor across the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) drug testing standards. WADA is an elite doping control standard for professional athletes. The mission of the INBA PNBA is to provide a platform for bodybuilders to compete in a fair and safe environment. Athletes who fail a doping test will be stripped of their title and placed in the hall of shame.

Natural strength training

The training of natural bodybuilders will be different from that of bodybuilders in leagues that do not test drugs. Of course, doping enhances your physique to allow it to develop abnormal amounts of muscle. And performance-enhancing drugs give you the ability to lift weight that otherwise wouldn’t be possible. Thus, natural bodybuilders train differently from bodybuilders using DEPs. For example, competitor PNBA Men’s Bodybuilding Pierre Cichonsky does his training outside to take advantage of natural sunlight.

In addition, natural bodybuilders will not be able to train with so much volume since recovery is imperative for muscle growth, and steroid users recover faster between workouts. Consequently, some natural bodybuilders train no more than four days a week allow enough time for their body to recover. However, their training intensity is still high and many INBA PNBA athletes still train with a decent volume.

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