Little People’s Zach Roloff shows off bulging muscles in spandex for season-first fitness competition

ZACH Roloff showed off his bulging muscles in a spandex jumpsuit as he prepared for a fitness competition in a preview of Little People Big, World.

The upcoming season features drama, as well as lighthearted family moments.


Zach Roloff showed off his muscles in spandex in a trailer for Little People, Big WorldCredit: TLC
The reality TV star was preparing for a fitness competition


The reality TV star was preparing for a fitness competitionCredit: TLC

A Insight for the upcoming season of Little People, Big World shows Zach, 31, showing off his toned physique in a black jumpsuit.

In the trailer, the reality TV star struts around before striking a few poses and doing squats with her son Jackson.

His wife Tori Roloff can be heard saying, “Oh yeah.”

The couple were all smiles in the clip.

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The teaser also features drama in Zach’s life.

At one point, the TLC star said in a confessional, “The temperature is still pretty high between my dad, and me, and Caryn.”

The couple then meet to sit down.

Her father, Matt Roloff, echoes that sentiment in his own confessional, saying, “There’s some tension between us.”

The drama, according to the teaser, stems from an agreement regarding the family farm.


Zach tells his father that he and his wife could try to find Jackson and then leave.

Matt’s eyes widen as he sits at a picnic table.

Tori chimed in, saying, “I was extremely uncomfortable. You know, I just didn’t want to be there at all.”

“We tried to give them some attention, but they got shut down,” Matt concluded.

Zach seemed upset when his wife nursed their youngest child.

The rest of the Season 23 trailer shows what the family is up to, from announcing Tori and Zach’s pregnancy to dating exes, having surgery, and more.


A fire broke out at the farm in January 2022 and Matt had to make some tough decisions.

The 110-year-old building was engulfed in flames as he tried to save it, and firefighters arrived on the scene later.

Smoke billowed from the chicken coop, but no animals were injured.

Matt told his Instagram followers he thought the fire started after the light hit the ground.

Since the fire, he is not sure what he wants to do with the farm and his children are not very happy about it.

“I’ve been back and forth figuring out exactly what to do with the north side of the farm. This process has been filled with emotion and anger. But now I have this new plan. If it goes well that I hope it does, I think farm life will change forever,” the Little People, Big World star said in the trailer.

“It’s just this roller coaster like, uh oh. What’s going to happen?” Zach asked.


Just before the farm went up in flames, fans wondered if Zach and his brother would buy the farm and continue the family business.

“Is the takeover of the farm still on the table?” a fan asked Tori during an Instagram Q&A.

“No. We love this little piece of heaven,” she replied, adding a photo of their Washington home.

They got a lot of questions about buying the farm and she set the record straight.

“That certainly wasn’t the case. [disappear]”, she told a fan about her husband’s desires to buy the farm.

She concluded by saying that some things weren’t going as planned, but noted that she felt things were working out perfectly for them.

The new season of Little People, Big World premieres May 17 at 9 p.m. on TLC.

The trailer also featured a look at the drama between him and his father, Matt Roloff.


The trailer also featured a look at the drama between him and his father, Matt Roloff.Credit: TLC
There are also happier moments in the season preview


There are also happier moments in the season previewCredit: TLC
The tension around the family farm will however be very present


The tension around the family farm will however be very presentCredit: TLC

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