Larry Wheels Suffers Back Injury, Withdraws From Middle East’s Strongest Man 2022 – Fitness Volt

There is always a risk of injury when lifting heavy weights, and Larry Wheels knows that. Although he has injured and torn many muscles in the past, it is reasonable to wonder how long he will be able to endure. Apparently Larry got hurt again and it seems to be the result of his own mistake. After taking a three-week break from training, he overestimated his strength and injured his back.

Due to his recent hamstring injury, Larry Wheels was unable to train for some time. He took advantage of the break to rest properly and refresh his mind, but the excitement got the better of him. Larry decided to perform deadlifts in his first workout, and at one point he loaded 300 kilograms (661.4 pounds). He attempted to perform multiple sets of eight reps, which resulted in a Grade 1 lower back sprain.

“After the second set, I started to feel a compression in my lower back. This happened because my core was weak from inactivity, from not training…When you neglected your core and you’re going to do deadlifts, your lower back is going to do a lot of work.

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Before his injuries, Larry Wheels was preparing for the 2022 Middle East Strongest Man, but now he can’t compete. The competition will take place on August 27 and 28 in Dubai, so it is impossible for Larry to regain his best form in such a short time.

“Immediately, I cannot do this competition in August… I would be stupid to think that with only three weeks of training, I would be able to perform well in the competition”,

Larry Wheels recently explained that his favorite exercise is the deadlift, which he wants to accomplish by pulling 1,000 pounds (453.6 kilograms). No matter how bad his injuries are, Larry plans to pull 1,000 pounds very soon and he won’t back down from the challenge. Larry doesn’t want to miss out on claiming the milestone, so he makes that decision even though it’s not the best one.

“Overall, in a month or two, I will be able to do my 455 kg (1,003.1 lb) deadlift…Instead of doing it at the end of August, the day of the competition, I will do it in september.

Strongman’s learning process is very demanding, as Larry Wheels admits he is extremely injury prone. So he doesn’t want to rush the process anymore, because it could lead to serious injury.

You can watch Larry talk about his injury here:

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Larry Wheels was well on his way to dominating the Middle East’s Strongestman in 2022, but he’ll still have to wait for his first competitive strongman competition. As many know, Larry was very dominant in powerlifting, so strength is not an issue for him. Besides, he also competed in bodybuilding and arm wrestling events.

As Larry Wheels approaches his late twenties, he really needs to start taking care of his health. Although he has injured himself several times, back injuries can take a very long time to heal. Larry discussed injuries and injury prevention with Noel Deyzel earlier this year and it was clear he had a good understanding of how the process should be done. However, as he admitted in the video, Larry tried to rush his comeback in hopes of performing well at Middle East’s Strongest Man in 2022 and it didn’t pay off at all.

Teresa E. Burton