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Although being one of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s sons, Joseph Baena remembers a time when he was the “chubby” kid in his crew. In a recent workout video with fitness influencer Bradley Martyn, Baena opened up about her addiction to the gym and her appreciation for bodybuilding.

Baena, like Arnold Schwarzenegger, draws a lot of attention with her toned arms and impressive chest development. He bears an uncanny resemblance to his father, which was on full display when he recreated some of Schwarzenegger’s most famous bodybuilding poses.

Following in Arnold’s footsteps, Baena dove into the world of acting. He received wide notoriety for his role in one of his last acting projects, Wash. In addition, Joseph also gained volume when he had a role in the landmark action film Call of Duty: The Last Airshow. Even with a busy schedule, Joseph enjoys hitting the gym and picking up the pace.

There is no doubt that Baena inherited his love of bodybuilding from his father. Joseph learned the ins and outs of the sport after he started lifting weights. Once he discovered a passion for pumping iron, he sought advice from Mr. Olympia and bodybuilding legend, Schwarzenegger.

The budding actor has remained dedicated to training since learning the basics of bodybuilding from Arnold’s Encyclopedia. Join Baena is a former bodybuilder and fitness influencer Bradley Martyn. Martyn is known for captivating audiences with ridiculous feats of strength. With four million followers on Instagram and three million on YouTube, Bradley’s name is well known in the online fitness community.

Joseph Baena and Bradley Martyn discuss bodybuilding ahead of a quick workout

Baena said he wasn’t always so fit, but after being kicked out of sports teams in college, he decided to take things more seriously in the gym.

“I was the chubby kid in my crew. That was until I joined swimming in my sophomore year – and I only joined swimming because I didn’t make the football or basketball team. I was cut because I was too chubby. joseph Explain to Bradley Martyn.

According to Baena, he didn’t start going to the gym until his freshman year in college. After becoming interested in weightlifting, his father recommended that he read his famous bodybuilding encyclopedia.

“No. I didn’t really start going to the gym until my freshman year of college. I started lifting weights, and my dad, Arnold Schwarzenegger, if you don’t know, then he told me given the Bodybuilding Encyclopedia, his bodybuilding encyclopedia.

“So…I open the book, it’s like, ‘look, every question you have is here. So do your research. I took that to heart. I really dove into it and over and over , just the bodybuilding encyclopedia. Then I cut myself again, and that really started my addiction to the gym. Baena shared.

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Martyn and Joseph did a few reps on the seated calf machine after their strength training discussion.

“You have to go lower.” Bradley told Joseph.

“It’s as low as it gets.” Joseph answered.

Bradley joked with Baena that he thinks he can beat his dad Arnold Schwarzenegger if he’s at his peak.

I think I would beat your father. In our primes, I think I would beat him. Bradley said.

“I don’t know man. I don’t know if you would even beat Lou [Ferrigno]. Joseph told Bradley. “Looks like Ronnie Coleman met Frank Zane.”

When asked if there was anyone who could have beaten Schwarzenegger, Joseph said the sport and the way people look are “so different” now, so it’s hard to say.

“The lines are so different now. Jo added. The conditioning is now much drier. To me, it doesn’t look like a sculpture anymore, it looks like a bodybuilder. I do not know. It’s difficult.

Baena and Bradley then move on to a dumbbell workout and practice doing reps on the chest press machine. Before calling it a day, Joe opted to do some cable moves.

Joseph never misses a day of training. He recently showed off a quad-burning workout and emphasized how important it is to start the week with leg day. Although Baena has expressed interest in one day proving himself in the bodybuilding scene, he has yet to reveal when that might be.

Watch the full video below:

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Baena’s addiction to the gym fuels him every time he gains weight. Judging by her recent workout with Bradley Martyn, Baena, like her dad, understands the finer details that can turn a good workout into a great one.

Teresa E. Burton