Iranian Hulk shows off his physique in rare video as photos are faked

‘Iranian Hulk’ Sajad Gharibi showed off his physique in a rare social media video after fans claimed he edited his photos to look more impressive.

Social media star Gharibi has amassed over 1.1 million followers on Instagram by sharing photos of his bodybuilder physique, but there has long been a theory among fans that he edited photos. He challenged this by sharing videos of her cardio workout ahead of his first boxing match against Martyn Ford next month, although some commentators remain unconvinced.

Taking to YouTube to show off his physique and workouts in short videos, Gharibi displayed what appeared to be a scaled-down figure from his days as a gargantuan bodybuilder, with just over a month until his fight.

One commenter joked “I believe in you, you’re the master of Photoshop Bro”, while another suggested “Brother, why not make a movie without clothes to resolve the misunderstanding”.

Gharibi and Ford, who is known as the scariest man alive, faced off in Dubai last month for the first time, but it was hard to assess the bodybuilder’s physique under multiple layers of clothing. The duo were scheduled to fight on April 2 at the O2 Arena in London, but the event was pushed back to April 30 due to undercard injuries.

Who wins on April 30, the Iranian Hulk or Martyn Ford? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!

Iranian Hulk Sajad Gharibi trained hard for his fight with Martyn Ford

The “Iranian Hulk” Sajad Gharibi
The pair face off on April 30

In an old video posted to Instagram, the 30-year-old appeared to address the controversy around alleged photoshopping of his photos by posting a video of him bending a frying pan. He captioned the post, which has been viewed more than four million times; “Basically, I’m not very good at showing off in cyberspace, but I’m ready for any power challenge, I count the moments to crush my opponent in the cage.”

The showdown between him and Ford didn’t go to plan, with the duo engaging in a tussle that saw the Briton easily ignore his rival’s efforts to clinch a takedown. He apologized for the incident in a later video, saying, “I came here with my own money and capital without any financial support and without a coach. As you can see in the video, he publicly shocked and lost my balance.

“I apologize to all the Iranian people for this, but please know that this is not the end of the story, and I will tell the gist of the competition, I promise. The Iranian team has been informed before the conference that she was only playing against each other and you are not allowed to hit your opponent.”

Teresa E. Burton