“If you are a bodybuilder, you are risking your life”

Kali Muscle recently shared some of his negative experiences with steroids as a bodybuilder.

Kali Muscle recently talked about steroids in bodybuilding. As a former competitor, Kali has a lot of experience and opinions on using different substances in competition. In a recent YouTube videoKali Muscle shared some of his negative experiences with steroids during his career.

Kali joined bodybuilding late but quickly became an icon due to her history and incredible physique. He won a massive following on social networks and continues to be an influential voice in the sport. Following a recent spate of deaths that have hit the bodybuilding world hard, many have spoken out on how to improve the sport.

Kali Muscle suffered a heart attack in 2021. He explained that it was due to a clogged left artery. Shawn Rhodes died last year of a heart attack. Dallas McCarver and Cedric McMillan also died of heart complications. Kali Muscle believes that all substances used in bodybuilding have negative effects.

“Do not take Insulin, if you are a bodybuilder, you are risking your life. There are quite a few bodybuilders who die because if they don’t get that sugar spike, they just go, “oh, I’m going to go to sleep,” and they fall asleep and die. Leave that stuff alone,” Kali Muscle said.

Beginnings of Kali muscle building

Kali Muscle had an amazing physique from a young age, but he didn’t start bodybuilding until around 2009. He got into a show and became very successful. This led to him moving to Los Angeles in 2010 in hopes of turning professional.

Kali goes on to explain how he gained weight quickly once he got some advice. He started taking different steroids to gain size in order to compete on stage.

“So in the meantime, let me backtrack a bit. While I was doing these bodybuilding shows, I was studying at least eight hours a day. I bought all anabolic books, I was on Google eight hours a day because everyone does the same workouts, everyone does the same supplements, that’s how you stack the PEDyou know what I mean.

“I didn’t know what I was doing. I didn’t have an adviser, the guys I knew were amateurs who guessed too. So, I remember that time I got a bad infection. My partner or a guy I knew gave me testosterone and all of a sudden a boil had come on the side of my hip. I immediately knew it was because of bad juice.

Off-Season Kali Muscle Stack

Kali Muscle may have weighed up to 270 pounds, but that’s when he got hit with insulin. Kali ate a lot of carbs before helping someone leave her apartment. He became dizzy and feared falling into a coma. Kali had to eat a Snickers bar to bring her sugar back to normal. It was the last time he took insulin.

“Enathate, Tren 1600, sometimes Anidrol, sometimes D-bol, Remedyx, that was my stack.

So when prepping for shows I would do Test, Propofol, Tren, Ace, Winstrol, Anivar, Clenbuterol, T3, and sometimes, Lasix and water pills if you are preparing for a show. He was my battery man. I have never done Synthol. I have never done anything to pump up my muscles for a day or anything like that. After a show, I was getting off everything. I wouldn’t do anything. I would get out of everything. Do Clomid and HCG when I go out.

Kali Muscle says doctors didn’t specifically say that was the cause of his heart attack. He talks about how he grew up with a poor diet and how that could have been a factor, as well as experimenting with different drugs.

There is a problem with steroids in bodybuilding today and it is not a problem that is going away. Kali Muscle is staying on the side of steroids due to their own medical complications.

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Teresa E. Burton