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Top Open men’s bodybuilder Iain Valliere sees a bright future ahead of Andrew Jacked. In the last bro cat podcast, Valliere suggested that Andrew Jacked is “very likely” to make the first call at 2022 Olympia due to his size, structure and height.

Earlier this year, Andrew Jacked became one of the hottest recruits of the year after earning his IFBB Pro card at the Amateur Arnold Classic 2022 competition. Coached by bodybuilding legend Flex Wheeler, the impressive frame in X and Jacked’s thin waist make him a dangerous enemy on stage. In addition to being trained/coached by Wheeler, Jacked also receives nutritional advice from George Farah, who has trained the likes of Kai Greene.

Last month, Jacked won his pro debut at the 2022 Texas Pro show and delivered a stunning package. On his way to earning his Olympia 2022 qualification, he beat Steve Kuclo and runner-up Martin Fitzwater. In light of ongoing visa issues, Jacked has revealed he may not have the chance to compete in the Arnold Sports UK competition next month as originally planned.

Fitzwater, who was hoping to fight Andrew in Europe, believes the Men’s Open star is “biting” the contest. But for Iain Valliere, he sees it as a smart move, as it will give Jack more time to prepare his physique for Mr. Olympia – bodybuilding’s biggest show of the year.

Iain Valliere on Andrew Jacked: ‘He’s going to expose a lot of people’s structural flaws’

In episode #94 of bro catIain Valliere explains why it would be wise for Andrew to forgo the Arnold Sports UK 2022 competition and focus his full attention on putting together a suitable package for Olympia in December.

“I guess it’s more because his stock is high and there’s no reason to compromise him. I would take that momentum and ride him at Olympia,” Iain Valliere said. “Take this time and use it to be better at Olympia and exceed expectations for Olympia again.”

“He’s already beaten better known bodybuilders in Texas,” added Iain. ” He beat [Steve] Kuclo.]He was also in the top eight at the Olympia.

Abiad has suggested Marc Hector could challenge Jacked at the UK show, but Valliere doesn’t think his legs are dense enough to stand next to Andrew.

“I’m the biggest Marc Hector fan in the world – he’s still too light in the legs for Andrew [Jacked]. I think that’s not enough to make it worth it.

When asked what improvements Jacked could make, Valliere answered the following:

“He can definitely be in better condition in the back half, you know,” Iain says. “I don’t know. I’ve only seen him compete at this level once. I don’t know if it’s like a 75% effort or if it’s full-fledged. At the Olympia… gotta be fucked up man.

According to Iain Valliere, it’s “highly likely” that Jacked will be present at the first call for 2022 Mr. Olympia.

“I think it’s very likely that he will be present on that first call,” says Valliere.

He thinks Jacked’s chest and arms would resist Ramy, but not his back or quads.

“He’s going to be the odd man out in a nice way, not a bad way,” Vallière shared. “He’s also 290 man, it is gigantic. He eclipsed Kuclo. He completely eclipsed it. In some parts yes [he’s filling his frame out] and some part no. He could put his chest or his arms against Ramy’s anytime, but if it’s his quads or his back, no, not quite.

When asked if Andrew could beat Hadi Choopan or Hunter Labrada, Iain couldn’t give a straight answer but said Jacked would expose many of his competitors’ “structural flaws”.

“He is a tough man. I need to see them side by side. I really can’t say. That’s why I said it was very likely. i think his the height, structure and size will reveal the structural flaws of many people in this top six.

Iain Valliere thinks that if Andrew is lifting his back and conditioning his glutes/hamstrings, he will be even harder to handle on stage.

“He’s got these deep-parted abs – he’s got fucking tree-trunk legs, you know. I mean, if he can lift his back a bit, and he brings the conditioning into his glutes and hams – c It’s a lot to ask, I know, but I also think it’s very doable.

Can Andrew Jacked defeat Hadi Choopan at 2022 Mr. Olympia?

When asked again if Jacked could defeat Hadi Choopan, Valliere pointed out how difficult it was to deal with Choopan’s signature conditioning.

“Hadi is hard to beat because his conditioning is just ridiculous. Look, he’ll be a little taller and his conditioning, his conditioning makes it difficult for anyone. Its shape and its double front are indeed very pleasant. It is very full. He is a very difficult bodybuilder to beat. The only shots with which you can gain ground on him are side shots.

Ahead of this year’s Olympia contest, Valliere trained with three-time Classic Physique Olympia winner Chris Bumstead. He earned his Olympia invite to the Vancouver Pro 2022 in July, where he brought an extremely balanced and tough physique. Despite being pushed by fellow Open class bodybuilder Antoine Vaillant, Valliere finished first.

It remains uncertain whether Andrew Jacked will take part in the next Arnold Sports UK 2022 event, but Valliere thinks he better take the extra time to improve for Olympia. Given what Andrew has done so far in 2022, Valliere thinks it’s very likely he’ll make the first call in his first Olympia contest.

Watch the full video below:

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