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As preparations for Olympia 2022 heat up for athletes, another rivalry formed over the weekend between men’s Open competitors Iain Valliere and Blessing Awodibu. After going back and forth on Instagram, Valliere insisted that Awodibu was not a top bodybuilder despite his success earlier this year.

With less than five months until the most prestigious event of the year, athletes are racing to earn their Olympia qualification or prepare their physique for the highly anticipated event. Men’s Open stars Iain Valliere and Blessing Awodibu, however, have already earned their invitation to compete at Olympia this winter.

Awodibu was looking for redemption after a difficult season last year. He earned third place in his Open class debut at the 2021 Indy Pro. Before the end of the year, Blessing faced the 2021 New York Pro and came away in sixth place.

Eager to win his first IFBB Pro League show, Awodibu recently made some improvements to the stage at the 2022 Indy Pro, when he took the top spot in dominant fashion en route to earning his 2022 Olympia qualifier. He has clearly made notable changes to his lower body and won a second straight show at the 2022 New York Pro, beating Andrea Presti, Maxx Charles and fifth-place finisher 2021 Arnold Classic Justin Rodriguez.

Iain Valliere, on the other hand, is a proven commodity in the men’s open division. Valliere has already shown he can compete with some of the best in the world in previous Olympia competitions. Valliere placed second at the 2020 Tampa Pro before winning the New York Pro title. He took his conditioned build to the Olympia competition the same year, where he placed seventh on his debut at the event.

2021 has proven to be a dominant year for the Canadian native. He won gold at the 2021 Texas Pro, before defending his Tampa Pro title with a first-place finish. He placed second to Nick Walker at the 2021 Arnold Classic and again finished seventh at Mr. Olympia last year.

Iain recently clinched his ticket to Olympia 2022 a few weeks ago after beating Antoine Vaillant in a close battle at the 2022 Vancouver Pro. Following that win, Vallière earned his Olympia invite and is already firing shots at a competitor he refuses to take seriously as a competitor.

Iain Valliere and Blessing Awodibu shed light on the debate between aesthetics and size

Below, you can find the Instagram post of 2022 Chicago Pro winner Antoine Vaillant, who got Valliere and Awodibu to trade beards online.

Iain Valliere Screenshot

According to Valliere, most of Awodibu’s online beef is used to create engagement with fans. He said, “The Boogieman” doesn’t really believe he can hang out with one of the best bodybuilders in the world.

Iain 3

Ian Valliere

Awodibu responded by saying that Iain should tattoo “7” on his forehead since the bodybuilder likes to refer to himself as one of the top seven bodybuilders so often. Valliere thinks Awodibu will participate in the fourth call to Olympia and not come close to any of the top athletes.

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Blessing thinks the sport is changing and soon judges will favor aesthetics and “artistic” physique over size and muscle. Valliere added that if Blessing values ​​aesthetics more than size, he should try the Classic Physique division. In another era, Awodibu argued that Iain’s physique wouldn’t even rank in the top 50.

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Blessing 1 1

This year’s Olympia competition promises to be an exciting event. In preparation for the massive show, Valliere trained alongside three-time Classic Physique Olympia champion Chris Bumstead. Both bodybuilders have been keeping busy off-season and have been showing intense quad training recently.

Awodibu has also left no stone unturned in training this year. After back-to-back wins, Awodibu teamed up with bodybuilding veteran Kai Greene to channel some “Big Boogie Energy.” During the session, Awodibu focused on improving his mind-muscle connection while preparing his physique for 2022 Mr. Olympia.

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With a stacked lineup of talent expected at Olympia, this year’s competition is shaping up to be one of the most competitive. Despite the recent hostility between Awodibu and Valliere, the two bodybuilders will have a chance to settle the rivalry Dec. 15-18, on the Mr. Olympia stage.

Teresa E. Burton