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Labrador Hunterson of Bodybuilding Hall of Famer, Lee Labrada, inherited his father’s iron will and dedication to building a championship-caliber physique. In a recent Instagram post, Hunter showed off his huge 22.5-inch biceps after breaking a demanding arm workout with his dad.

Long before Hunter Labrada became a preeminent threat in the Open class, his father, Lee Labrada, established himself as one of the fiercest competitors the sport has seen. Boasting razor-sharp aesthetics and conditioning, Lee managed to place in the top four at Mr. Olympia for seven consecutive years. Today, Labrada is admired for his longevity and shredded physique, which he has maintained at age 62.

In 2021, Hunter destroyed his competition at the 2021 Chicago Pro. Widely recognized for his muscular build and slim waistline, Hunter showcased his best possible package at the Mr. Olympia contest last year. He was tasked with competing against a wide range of talent, earning him a fourth-place finish.

Although he was unable to pass two-time Big Ramy winner, runner-up Brandon Curry and Hadi Choopan, Hunter seemed to have a more complete/prettier package than 2021 Arnold Classic champion Nick Walker, who finished the show in fifth.

After pushing each other onto the Olympic stage, Hunter and Nick sparked a friendly rivalry. It seems that when “The Mutant” releases a physical update, Hunter follows suit, and vice versa. Earlier this year, the two men’s Open Olympia contenders met in person and agreed that they wanted to face off 100% later this year.

Hunter Labrada: You can never have too many arms in open bodybuilding

In a post on Instagram, Hunter showed off his 22.5-inch biceps.

“I’m not @nick_walker39, they’re only 22 (and a 1/2😅🤣), I keep them clean👌🏻

Great arm session today, the pump was juicy enough that @leelabradaofficial was curious what they were measuring these days, and it had been long enough since I measured that I was too!

I’ve been training with the arms every 4 or 5 days since ⭕️ because let’s face it, you can never have to bother if the arms are in open weights🤷🏻‍♂️” Hunter Labrada wrote.

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Hunter revealed that he trains his arms every fourth or fifth day of the week. In preparation for rising star Nick Walker and the rest of the 2022 Olympia lineup, Hunter has focused this year solely on improving his physique. He recently shared a brutal one-day push workout where he emphasized maintaining form during reps to maximize results.

Throughout this season, he has kept his followers up to date on which body parts he focuses on. One of his last workouts included a pro-tip where he revealed the best tricep exercise for him was handcuffed tricep extensions.

The Open class division continues to heat up, with a number of new coachbuilders receiving praise. 2022 Texas Pro winner Andrew Jacked caught the eye of four-time Mr. Olympia Jay Cutler. Cutler thinks Andrew Jacked’s back is comparable to Mr. Olympia Big Ramy’s.

Other sports veterans like Samir Bannout suggest Jacked could make the first call and crack the top four at 2022 Mr. Olympia on his first attempt. However, Cutler and Bannout agree, Michal Krizo is another giant threat to any Men’s Open competitor, including Hunter Labrada.

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Krizo has yet to earn his pro card but plans to do so at the Amateur Olympia Italy 2022 competition next month. Bannout boldly claimed that Krizo could win Mr. Olympia on his first attempt if he won a pro card and qualified.

With many bodybuilders eager to prove themselves at Olympia, Hunter Labrada is focused on a better finish than his fourth place finish last year. After training with his dad, Hunter plans to continue building his biceps to fight the other 2022 Mr. Olympia contenders.

Teresa E. Burton