How PNBA Bodybuilding Hall of Famer Michael Ferencsik Lost 40 Pounds

PNBA Hall of Fame inductee Michael Ferencsik weighed 40 pounds more at age 40 than he did at age 59.

Generally, as we age, we lose muscle mass and get fat – this is a law of nature. However, you can still be in great shape with proper nutrition at any age. Professional Association of Natural Bodybuilding (PNBA) Hall of fame Michel Ferencsik took to social media to demonstrate how good nutrition can transform your physique (he lost 40 pounds), regardless of your age.

Michael Ferencsik competes in the PNBA Men’s Bodybuilding Grand Masters division. He has been an PNBA athlete for 20 years and is in the PNBA Hall of Fame. Also, Ferencsik is a manifesto vegan and animal rights activist. In an Instagram (IG) post from March 18, 2022, Ferencsik shared an inspirational transformation post detailing the difference between his physique at 40 and 59. Ferencsik claims he weighs forty pounds less now and credits his diet. Ferencsik said:

“Nineteen years separate these two images. The image on the left was me at forty years old, on the right me today at 59 and forty pounds lighter.

Believe it or not, at forty years old and forty pounds heavier, my workouts back then were just as crazy, intense and consistent as they are today, I never missed a workout. training, NEVER! The difference, a ton of alcohol and a conventional diet.

Michael Ferencsik’s transformation photos and full statement on IG are below.

Michael Ferencsik lost 40 pounds on a diet

Michael Ferencsik says his workouts haven’t changed during the nearly twenty-year age difference in his transformation photos. As Ferencsik confessed, he kept the intensity and consistency of his training, but he was moving away from a conventional diet and avoid alcohol which paved the way for him to lose 40 pounds.

Michael Ferencsik follows a vegan diet. On social media, he clarified that no matter what diet you follow, being in a calorie deficit is imperative to improving your body composition. And it says you can improve your diet and your body without animal products. Ferencsik says you can get all the proteincalcium and Omega 3 you need without meat, milk or fish.

Michael Ferencsik isn’t the only top natural vegan bodybuilder. Natural Olympia 2021 Champion of the Classic Physique Masters and first vegan to sign a multimedia contract, Barakat Tameris also a blatant vegan.

Natural bodybuilding reverses aging

Studies show that the older we get, the more muscle is replaced by fat. The phenomenon is known as sarcopenia. (1) However, INBA PNBA league natural bodybuilders prove age is just a number when you structure your training and diet correctly and, most importantly, renounce doping.

Natural bodybuilding leagues like the INBA PNBA ensure the safety and health of their competitors by screening every competitor. Any INBA PNBA athlete who does not respect the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) guidelines will be stripped of their title, banned from competition and thrown into the hall of shame.

to sum up

Ditching a conventional diet and going vegan helped PNBA Hall of Famer Michael Ferencsik lose 40 pounds, despite being 19 years older. Ferencsik attests that while muscle loss and fat gain are inevitable with age, proper nutrition can offset the effects.

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1 – Walston JD (2012). Sarcopenia in the elderly. Current opinion in rheumatology, 24(6), 623–627.

Teresa E. Burton