‘Have coffee first’: Varun Dhawan shows off toned physique while finding joy in coffee

Drinking coffee has many benefits. It can elevate mood and provide instant energy. This is probably why Varun Dhawan takes drinking so seriously. While the actor often shares images and videos of himself working out at a gym, he’s rarely seen with a cup of coffee in hand. But he seems to be trying to change that. He has now shared an image of himself on Instagram drinking coffee, presumably right before embarking on his next project. While sipping on a recyclable cardboard cup of coffee, however, Varun doesn’t miss the chance to show off his toned abs.

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“Go get it. But first, have a coffee,” Coolie No. 1 the actor wrote in the caption.

In a second image from the post, Varun is seen reading a script while the coffee cup sits on his table.

This is not the first time that Varun Dhawan has shared an article about coffee. Last year, he shared an image of a cup of coffee he made himself. He also shared an encouraging message along with the photo of the brew. He said, “Since everyone is stressed these days, try to find joy in very small things like I find in that lovely cup of coffee I made.”

Coffee contains caffeine which, when consumed in moderate amounts, is known to boost energy levels. Thus, many people drink coffee just before going to the gym. It can also increase the rate of metabolism, which determines how quickly the food you eat is converted into energy. Although coffee does not have much nutritional value, it is a rich source of antioxidants.

Moreover, you can take your cup of coffee in several ways. There are several ways to prepare and enjoy coffee.

1) Instant coffee

It is the most basic form of coffee that you can brew in minutes without much effort. It is perhaps the most popular form of coffee across the world because it is so easy to prepare.

2) Drip coffee

It is one of the most popular versions of coffee in South India. In fact, in most homes in South India, the smell of freshly brewed coffee wafting through the air is common. It is loved by all and is served in stainless steel containers.

3) Spiced Coffee

Once in a while, don’t you think your coffee should be a little spicy and fun? Well, this coffee preparation is what you must try then. It comes with a hint of ginger and cardamom.

4) Iced Coffee

Most people like their coffee hot, but fresh coffee is just as good. It can be soothing, especially during the summer season. For that little extra, you can add a little rum or coffee liqueur.

5) Irish coffee

This iconic cocktail is made with coffee, Irish whiskey, sugar, whipped cream and nutmeg. Can it get better! Whisk it and enjoy. Although it takes about 40 minutes, it is well worth it.

Teresa E. Burton