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As the 2022 bodybuilding season gets underway, trainer Hany Rambod shares his thoughts on an upcoming contest involving one of the hottest recruits of the year, Andrew Jacked. In a recent video, Rambod confirmed that Jacked will be competing in next month’s Arnold UK 2022 competition and gave his thoughts on who his biggest threat will be at the next show.

Rambod is widely respected for his intense yet methodical training methods. He has trained a host of top athletes, including seven-time Mr. Olympia Phil Heath and bodybuilding legend Jay Cutler. Rambod also coaches a number of active competitors, some of which include reigning 212 Olympia champion Derek Lunsford and Hadi Choopan.

This year’s bodybuilding season has seen Andrew Jacked emerge as a serious threat in the Open class. He earned his Pro card in March at the Amateur Arnold Classic 2022 competition. From there he continued training with Flex Wheeler and took his skills to Texas Pro. He won the competition with an aesthetic package and beat runner-up Martin Fitzwater.

A few weeks ago, Andrew Jacked revealed that his initial plans to enter the 2022 Arnold UK competition were in jeopardy due to visa issues. After hearing the news, Fitzwater suggested he “give up” on the contest.

As well as Andrew and Fitzwater, another Open star in James Hollingshead will also be at the Arnold UK event. With the showdown just weeks away, bodybuilding coach Hany Rambod shared his thoughts on some of the competing favorites.

Hany Rambod Confirms Jacked Will Attend 2022 Arnold UK: ‘George Mentioned He Was In’

Rambod opened the conversation by announcing that Andrew Jacked will be competing in the 2022 Arnold UK competition despite suspicions he was absent due to visa issues. He said Andrew’s nutrition coach, George Farah, mentioned it.

“[The 2022 Arnold Classic UK] the next big show since Texas Pro and one thing he has in common: Andrew Jacked. So Andrew Jacked is here. We got confirmation – someone saw that George mentioned he was there because there was a lot of talk about him being there, coming out.

said Hany Rambod.

Rambod Says Andrew Jacked Has ‘Momentum’, Talks Martin Fitzwater and James Hollingshead Battles

According to Rambod, Jacked has the momentum, but thinks the physiques competing at Arnold UK are so different it’s like comparing “apples and oranges to some degree”.

“The momentum he has… I think the person who is going to try to cause him the most trouble is [James] Hollingshead. You have James Hollingshead, regrouping, putting his physique back together. He looks massive. We are going to have two different types of physique after this title.

I think the names that come to mind are Andrew Jacked because of the momentum we talked about, and then we have Hollingshead, who is going to try and bring some good conditioning with that crazy size. I think you’re going to have apples and oranges to some extent, but it’ll be great to see him alongside other types of athletes,” Rambod said.

Rambod sees Martin Fitzwater pushing Andrew on stage again because of his conditioning. He added that Martin has been working to try to bring a tighter package to his next show.

“Another athlete who will try to give him another run is the guy who placed second – Martin. Martin Fitzwater will also be on this show. He took second place in Texas and I know he will work on her tan, working on her conditioning to try and make it even tighter.

Considering the differences between the contestants, Rambod thinks the show might come down to aesthetics versus size.

“Again, you have another size guy who is going to be James. It’s just a matter of what aesthetics versus size [is going to bring], will it bring even better conditioning? Is it going to be the same, the same? I guess he’s just going to be tighter because he’s been dieting longer, but we have to see what that’s going to be like. I think it’s going to end up being a very tight show. Rambo said.

Rambod thinks Fitzwater’s back makes him a dangerous opponent. He added that mass freak Patrick Johnson might also surprise some people.

“From behind… I think that’s where Martin shines. And again, if Patrick Johnson or James really dials it up with that extra size, it could be a really different story. We just haven’t seen him next to some of these guys. It will be new people that we would like to see these comparisons.

Rambod compares Andrew’s season to the year Ramy won his first Olympic title

Given the unique circumstances Jacked finds himself in, Rambod likened his season to the year Big Ramy won his first Olympic title in 2020.

“His [Andrew’s 2022 season] a bit about what happened with Ramy for the first [2020 Mr. Olympia] right. Because he was supposed to do a show, he caught the Covid, he couldn’t. Then, he ended up getting in, getting an invite, and ended up winning the Olympia. But all those things, the diets go on.

I think at the start of the year, I think he wasn’t even in the top two at I believe the Arnold, earlier that year. The year he won. It was one of those things where he kept dieting, dieting, dieting and he ended up being called out just because of the weather. But if you are a person who tends to climax… not so good,” Rambod shared.

When asked if he was the real deal and capable of doing well at Olympia, Hany kept it simple:

“Absolutely. Jay [Cutler] said so,” says Rambod.

Rambod isn’t the only sports veteran who believes Jacked has a high ceiling in the sport. Bodybuilding coach Milos Sarcev recently named Jacked an “immediate contender” for the next Olympic title. 1983 Mr. Olympia winner Samir Bannout also suggested that Jacked had the tools to make the first call and crack the top four in the contest on his first try.

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After a heated contest at Texas Pro 2022, Martin Fitzwater and Andrew Jacked will bring it back to Europe. With the addition of James Hollingshead and a number of other threats, Rambod believes Andrew Jacked is in store for a tough contest.

Watch the video below:

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