Halo TV show: Here’s how much Master Chief’s armor weighs in real life

Master Chief’s actual Mjolnir armor is quite heavy…no wonder Pablo Schreiber had to build muscle to wear it.

Halo is a difficult franchise to adapt into movies and TV shows. Besides the storyline focused on interstellar warfare from the deep future, the series’ iconic Mjolnir armor – special high-tech suits worn by supersoldiers as humanity’s last stand against an unbeatable alien enemy – is clumsy, unwieldy and very chunky (just ask any cosplayer).

The actual armor built specifically for the Halo TV show is now different. According to Master Chief star Pablo Schreiber, the suits are “50 pounds of plastic”:

“It’s 50 pounds of plastic and the costume is supposed to make you superhuman. It increases the capacity of the Spartan tenfold for its performance. In reality, it’s the opposite. It’s a challenge to handle a bulky costume and find ways to pull it off so it looks like you’re super capable,” Schreiber said in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter.

Since the show’s production in 2019, Schreiber has trained hard to meet the physical demands of the role. The actor has adopted the routine of a bodybuilder slowly grow bigger not only to wear the armor, but try to meet the amplified physique of Spartan warriors.

The Halo TV show will air exclusively on Paramount+ later this month on March 24, 2022.

Teresa E. Burton