Google releases female-centric part of #BolneSeSabHoga campaign

The final stage of the campaign attempts to tell stories of women who have broken down barriers and challenged social norms.

Google’s latest ad has two main areas: local language search and women-related search queries that went against the odds and broke down barriers. The first advert in the series features Indian boxer Nikhat Zareen – who won a gold medal at the recently concluded 2022 Commonwealth Games. She also won a gold medal at the World Boxing Championship held in Turkey.

Throughout the commercial, Zareen has a conversation with the viewer, talking about the struggles she’s faced trying to play the sport. These range from people telling her that boxing isn’t for girls to pressure for her to get married at the “right age”.

The second commercial in the series describes the story of Kiran Dembla. Dembla is a Sindhi from Hyderabad who dove headfirst into the world of competitive bodybuilding after getting married. His success as a bodybuilder is shown in the ad by the number of women in gyms who seek out his workout routines.

Dembla now works as a personal trainer, training celebrities like Taapsee Pannu, Tamanna Bhatia, Prabhas, director SS Rajamouli and actress Anushka Shetty. The ad tells her story from the time she got married, highlighting how she pushed the envelope to compete in bodybuilding competitions, oblivious to societal expectations of how a married woman should behave.

The third commercial in the series features Sriya Lenka – the first Indian dancer to break into the Korean pop (or K-pop) industry. Lenka was the only Indian to be selected to be part of the K-pop girl group ‘Blackswan’. She won a competition called Cygnus, a six-month worldwide search to find a replacement for one of the band members, who left the band.

Lenka’s announcement has themes of self-confidence. The ad shows his story as strewn with miscreants. Voice search linked to her ad shows aspiring dancers everywhere searching for her dance choreography videos, inspired by the success she has had.

The fourth ad released under this campaign has Prachi Shevgaonkar, founder of a startup called Cool the Globe. Her ad answered society’s question – “how can one girl change the world on her own?”

This ad features some queries she has regarding the change she wants to make in the world. This includes finding coding lessons to create a climate change awareness app.

Google’s #bolnesesabhoga campaign has previously featured Indian actor Gajraj Rao. Rao’s advertisements focused on using Google’s local language search options to break down barriers and access information. One of the ads features a young girl looking curiously at the moon, wondering how to get there when she’s older.

The other ad has Rao demonstrating the search app’s functionality to break down information barriers to people whose first language is not English.

Rao also stars as a reassuring father in a commercial where his daughter has made the decision to move to Mumbai. The 40-second spot shows Rao’s daughter asking Google about Mumbai housing, transport, dabbaallah services, and so on.

Rao has also starred in advertisements for Google search in the past. In December 2020, Google launched a 60-second advertisement by Lowe Lintas in which Rao sees his driver using Google’s voice search feature to ask questions about the “IAS exam”. Rao, who is dozing in the car at the time, assumes the question is for him… Once he realizes the driver was asking Google, we see Rao forcing others (his daughter , his wife, and even a housekeeper outside his home) to use to get his questions answered.

Teresa E. Burton