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Vitali Ugolnikovwell known as “Good Vito”, has ambitious plans for the rest of his bodybuilding season. In a recent Instagram post, Vito shared a massive physical update six weeks after his upcoming NPC bodybuilding show, Muscle Contest.

Ugolnikov is one of the latest bodybuilders to move from the IFBB Elite Pro League to the NPC. Awareness of the Men’s Open has only increased after a number of impressive physique updates. In August, he tipped the scales at 275 pounds, showing no signs of slowing down. However, if Vito plans to face top talent in the Men’s Open Division, he will need to earn a Pro card first.

Vito’s massive arms, vascularity and V-taper make him a dangerous opponent. In fact, at one point the bodybuilder was accused of doctoring/photoshopping his photos. Specifically, one of his updates caused an uproar among fans, who suggested that his muscles had been changed to look bigger. In response to these accusations, Vito exculpated himself with a video.

Luckily for his followers, Vito has regularly shared the progress he’s made so far this year. He offered another update a few weeks ago, and it’s obvious that Ugolnikov intends to keep as much size as possible for his next show.

Good Vito shows improved conditioning and insane vascularity 6 weeks after first NPC show

Compared to previous weeks, Good Vito seems to have adjusted his conditioning, especially in his backbones. Additionally, her midsection and lower body look drier with more detail and separation.

Check out his latest physical update below:

“Current form. 6 weeks before receiving your business card…. Bon Vito wrote.

The good Vito isn’t the only mass monster making his way into the NPC. Recently, the Slovak Michal Krizo has been talked about. Similar to Vito, Michal recently moved up to the IFBB Elite Pro League NPC.

Krizo plans to win his Pro card at the Amateur Olympia Italy 2022 contest scheduled for October. If successful in this endeavor, the 32-year-old will bring his talents to the Prague Pro later this month to earn his Olympia invite. Although he has yet to establish himself in the new league, many in the bodybuilding community believe Krizo has a bright future in the sport.

Four-time Mr. Olympia winner Jay Cutler and bodybuilding veteran Samir Bannout both agree that Krizo will be a “problem” for the men’s open division. Bannout is adamant that Krizo has the potential to win Olympia 2022 on his first attempt. Adding to the list of supporters, bodybuilding coach Milos Sarcev also predicted that Krizo will have a huge impact on the league once he gets his Pro card.

As it stands, Good Vito will have until November 20, 2022 to earn his invite to the 2022 Mr. Olympia. To facilitate this process, Vito moved to Brazil and continued to train for his Pro card.

Although he has yet to make his mark in the NPC, Vito’s sheer size makes him stand out. He’s approaching 280 pounds heading into prep, which means he’s carrying nearly as much mass as other big names in the Open class like Nick Walker and Hunter Labrada.

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Ugolnikov hasn’t received the same kind of hype that mass monster Krizo did upon entering the NPC, but that may be subject to change in the coming weeks. If he claims victory at the NPC Muscle Contest in six weeks, Good Vito will have about a month to earn his ticket to Olympia 2022 by winning a Pro show.

Teresa E. Burton