Golden Era bodybuilder Tom Platz says he could only achieve a vascular ‘Saran Wrap’ look with ‘small amounts of drugs’

bodybuilding veteran Tom Platz made a name for himself in the sport with a spectacular lower body and a rock-solid work ethic. In a recent interview, Platz reflected on his early competitive years and discussed the steps he took to achieve what he calls the “drug look.”

In the early 1970s, Platz, who grew up in Detroit, began competing in AAU bodybuilding shows. The only thing that made Tom Platz famous was not his titles or his awards, but rather his varied and intensive training program which has influenced many generations since then.

He moved from the AAU to the IFBB after making a good impression at Gold’s Gym. He won both the Mr. Universe title and the Pro card at the 1978 World Amateur Championships.

Tom Platz’s strength and ability to push himself in the gym guided him to success in the IFBB Pro League in the 1970s and 80s. He performed in a number of high profile shows and honored the prestigious Mr. Olympia stage eight times during his tenure. Additionally, Tom has shared the stage with icons like Arnold Schwarzenegger and eight-time Mr. Olympia winner Lee Haney.

“The Quadfather” has long established himself as a pioneer in advanced leg training due to his unique techniques and direct nature. In addition to his impressive bodybuilding career, Platz has put his leg strength to the test several times throughout his life.

In 1992, he participated in a squat contest created to determine the WBF’s strongest man. In the end, Fred Hatfield won the contest, but it was described as a close contest. Over time, a second contest called the Great American Squat took place and was held in Germany, where both men found success at the event.

He hung up his pose jerseys after his final Olympia appearance in 1986, but his lower body strength never waned, even in his later years. Tom is highly regarded for his intense, high-volume workouts, which were a staple of his regimen while competing. However, according to Platz, it took a lot more than intense training to achieve the most shredded look of her life.

Tom Platz on Past Cycles: “There’s Muscle I Could Only Gain With Anabolics”

During the interview, Tom Platz described whether he was able to maintain a shredded physique without using steroids.

“Close enough. I was shredded in my own human terms, but to get the drug look, the saran wrap finish – the vascularity like…it’s a drug look. Even if you want that drug look, nothing is going to do it except that small amount of drug. said Tom Platz

Platz added that two compounds were popular during his time in the sport.

“Winstrol and Dianabol were the drugs of choice in the 70s, which retained a lot of water. I thought, ‘this is stupid, I’m all bloated from this stuff, you know’, even then, five milligrams a day. The dosages were never there.

“In bodybuilding…there is a finish – a drugged look like a saran wrap around the muscle that I could only achieve with a small amount of anabolic, not androgenic material.”

Tom thinks a lot has changed since he was competing, but he said when he started steroids he did a lot of research. Eventually he found a pharmacist who helped him with drug prescriptions.

“Eventually I found doctors that made sense, and okay, we could administer that, you know. But I did a lot of research before I went to take anything. That was it, ‘Okay, I’ll write you a prescription.’ You go to the pharmacy.

For Mr. Olympia shows in the 70s and 80s, Tom said he only spent $300 on gear for each contest.

“I think I spent $300 preparing for every Mr. Olympia. $300 total. Back then it was probably like $75 to get ready for my state shows. Guys spend thousands of dollars these days. My entry fee was about $10, $5 to enter the contest. I don’t know how people do it. said Tom. “They spend so much money competing…it’s a different world.”

After winning his Junior Mr. Michigan title in 1975, Tom realized at age 19 that he could win without taking steroids, but would never get the “drug look”, as he described it. After the contest, he decided to try his hand at steroids at his next show, which happened to be the Mr. Universe contest.

Along with discussing cycles, Tom gave his thoughts on never winning a Sandow Trophy but seeing a bodybuilder as dominant as Lee Haney win eight.

“You don’t do your best all the time. There may be a time or two in your career when you’re really on point. said Tom. “Now a guy like Lee Haney, symmetry – can win a lot more when he’s a little out of shape. Short stature, circulating look but a guy like me… looked like a Rich Gaspari. Unless Gaspari entered the ripped contest with cross streaks – I had streaks in my butt in 1975 but just couldn’t show it.

This isn’t the first time Tom Platz has suggested taking small amounts of gear. Earlier this week, the bodybuilding veteran said taking just two compounds worked for him and gave him longevity.

1983 Mr. Olympia Samir Bannout agrees with Platz on the use of minimal equipment. He postulated that Arnold Schwarzenegger looked his best using just two compounds. Back in June, Classic Physique Olympia champion Chris Bumstead also praised his recent “diminished” cycle of just two compounds.

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Platz is adamant that steroids are the only way for a bodybuilder to achieve that “medicated look” of vascular saran wrap. Although his techniques and training methods differ from those of today’s athletes, Platz respects and understands the way new school bodybuilders approach the sport.

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