Former Miss Warwickshire bodybuilding champion launches new online activity

Sara Thompson has invested all her savings in, which she claims is the first gardener booking site of its kind in the UK.

The entrepreneur, whose past activities included hosting topless waiter events, launched her latest online business a few weeks after her 60th birthday.

Sara Thompson has invested all her savings in, which she claims is the first gardener booking site of its kind in the UK.

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The web service was created on the back of his existing gardener hire business, established in 2019.

Sara Thompson as Miss Warwickshire in 1993. Photo provided

Sara, a mum from Coventry, said: ‘I had put on quite a bit of weight after being a fitness freak. I wanted to work outside.

“I was chatting with a friend who told me she knew a woman who was training gardeners, so I looked her up and went for an interview. It went from there.”

She said: “I put out an ad and there was so much demand.

“I quickly had workers contacting me from across the country and that’s what got me thinking about the new business idea.

“I quickly realized that there were so many gardeners looking for work and there were clients who couldn’t find the gardeners.”

The site was designed to match customers with gardeners across the country without the need for house calls.

Customers upload their own photos with a brief job description and, once registered, are connected to gardeners in their area who receive a notification and provide a quote.

Sara also spent 16 years as a singer-songwriter and ran a nursing home entertainment agency. But it was her business Ladies Lounge, launched in 2005, that made local headlines.

She said: ‘I don’t know why the business idea of ​​topless waiters came to mind – but there was nothing else like it in the area and I knew women would be interested in girls’ nights out and birthday parties.

“The first event proved so popular that I decided to open a bar. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find an investor and the plans ultimately fell through.

Fitness also played a huge role in the life of Sara, who spent three years competing in local bodybuilding championships – even winning the Miss Warwickshire crown at Leamington in 1993.

She said: “I turned 30 and suddenly thought I was getting old and wanted to start a fitness regime, so I started hitting the gym.

“Coming out there was this huge poster about a bodybuilding competition and I looked at the poster and I was like, wow – that’s something I can’t imagine I’ll ever do.

“A man stood behind me and said ‘I can prepare you for this next year’ and God knows how, but he managed to talk to me and a year later I was in competition.

“I was in the gym three or four times a week and worked incredibly hard, but the hardest thing I ever did was the diet. It was horrible.

“A palm full of rice and a serving of turkey six times a day every day.”

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