First-of-its-kind personal training community created in Liverpool

Alex Sloan, 28, and Levi Osborne, 24, have created a “first of its kind” solution to provide unlimited personal training 7 days a week and build a sustainable lifestyle rather than a quick fix.

Founded in May 2022 and based at The Lab on Dale Street, Limitless Lifestyle Community offers people unlimited personal training for a fixed monthly fee – meaning sessions can cost as little as £8.50 compared to the average price of £35 £60 per session elsewhere. In addition to this, there is an emphasis on a holistic approach, a 24/7 support group, a sustainable nutrition plan, meditation, yoga, massages and social events.

Since its inception in May, Limitless Lifestyle Community has grown to over 40 members from different walks of life – all of whom are now part of a community that supports and encourages each other. There are events such as Wellness By The Water, cross country hikes, meditation and yoga and great community social events and monthly member challenges. There have already been incredible successes.

One such achievement is that of Madoka Moroi. Madoka moved from Japan to Liverpool and gained a lot of weight during the lockdown, but after working with Alex and Levi she managed to reduce her weight from 74.4kg to 51kg. Training six times a week, she went through cycles of reducing body fat and then increasing muscle mass – an incredible transformation to the point where she competed as a bodybuilder.

madoka said: “Whatever your goal, they offer you total support: not only to lose weight, but also to build strength, live a healthier life and, in my case, compete in a bodybuilding competition! I feel so much stronger than before mentally and physically. It’s not just a personal gym but the best fitness community ever and it’s amazing to think I’m a bodybuilder now!”

Co-founder Alex Sloan explained: “Levi and I have been personal trainers for a few years now and we’ve seen so many people develop eating disorders from unsustainable diets and they’ve developed serious body image issues from the pressure of achieve a six pack in six weeks We thought we were ending this unrealistic and unhealthy approach to a healthy lifestyle.

He continued: “Your health is your wealth and our main goal is to break unhealthy habits and provide the tools and support to develop new healthy and above all lasting habits. Say no to the quick fix and change your life forever.

Limitless Lifestyle Community members get access to one session per day, 7 days a week, for a flat monthly fee, which means the more they use the service, the more it’s worth. They receive a personalized nutrition plan and join the 24/7 support group to help them on their journey and share their individual triumphs along the way. Members can also participate in monthly challenges to win amazing prizes.

Alex said: “One of the biggest benefits we’ve seen is helping people get out of the rut of alcohol and drug abuse. For me personally, it’s huge because I’ve been in this position and it took me a long time to get out of this dark place on my own. I don’t want anyone to have to go through this all alone again and I truly believe that we have created a place where we can help and support without judgement.

Limitless Lifestyle Community has become a big hit among its members – with a 5* rating on Trust Pilot and amazing transformations. The community is growing rapidly and offers its members 50% off for a month with every person they refer. Lasting friendships have been formed within the community, with members supporting and celebrating each other along their journeys.

Co-founder Levi Osborne said: “Since the Covid pandemic, we have now entered a mental health pandemic. Many people feel lonely, their mental health has deteriorated, and they feel like there is no way to feel good. We offer more than just a gym – we offer a community that acts as a support network for everyone on the path to a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.

He continued: “Our goal is to give people the tools to truly make lasting change – through unlimited sessions, a holistic approach incorporating mental health practices, a personalized nutrition plan, events, 24/7 support /7 and a great community of people. There’s nothing quite like it out there and we aim to revolutionize the way people use personal training and learn to love themselves again.

Limitless Lifestyle Community is based at The Lab on Dale Street and is available to members 7 days a week – group booking or individual time slots depending on their monthly plan. Monthly plans start from £250 and members get access to a nutrition plan, 24/7 support group, community, socials and events. Members get a 50% discount for a month with every referral.

Teresa E. Burton