First Kentuckian invited to Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) — He doesn’t care how the sausage is made, only how many he can eat in one sitting.

Bartley Weaver has been in the competitive eating game for three years.

“My first pro beat competition was in Owensboro, Kentucky at a barbecue,” Weaver said.

Now he’s stepping up to the big leagues by competing in Nathan’s annual hot dog eating contest in Coney Island.

“Most recently I’ve been in the World Tamale Eating Championship, World Bratwurst Eating Championship, World Pumpkin Pie Eating Championship,” Weaver said. “So I’m ready to go for the 4th of July.”

Weaver is currently ranked number 16 in the world for competitive eating, in addition to being a professional bodybuilder.

“Those are definitely the two extremes of everyone, but I just use them to my advantage. You know, out of season, I eat more, so I need more calories anyway,” Weaver explained, “Bodybuilding time, I need less food, so let’s put the food challenges on hold. for a second.

Of the two, Weaver says professional eating is one of the most mentally challenging sports he’s participated in.

“You know, I played college football, I did this, did that. But, you gotta fight flavor fatigue,” Weaver said, “When your jaw gets tired, you gotta keep going. When you don’t want to swallow and keep drinking water, you have to keep pushing.

Weaver will be the first Kentuckian to enter the contest.

“I know, there are a lot of wild Kentuckians around here. They like to eat, but somehow I’m the first person to push the limits. I have to make everyone proud,” Weaver said.

Weaver says he’s grateful to just be invited.

“Coming into this contest, I would like to break the top 10. I am lucky to be there right on stage, but I will definitely try to beat a few people who are ranked ahead of me.”

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Teresa E. Burton