Determination makes Esther State’s first female professional bodybuilder – The New Indian Express

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GUNTUR; Defying all odds, the 21-year-old became the state’s first professional female bodybuilder. Now she strives to win medals for the country on international platforms.

Ravuri Esther Rani

Originally from Vemuru village in Guntur district, Ravuri Esther Rani lost her parents at the age of five. She and her brother had to face serious difficulties in childhood. His grandmother raised them by selling leafy vegetables. However, she was active in various sports and won several medals in competitions at the school level.

In 2019, after completing her intermediate, when her family’s financial situation deteriorated, she moved to Hyderabad in search of employment. After much struggle, she joined as a gym trainer and became interested in bodybuilding and started her training.

“After some research I came to know that Andhra Pradesh does not have a single female professional bodybuilder. So, I wanted to do it and followed a strict schedule to build my body and participated in competitions,” she said.

She was selected for the National Federation Cup held in Sikkim earlier this month and represented the state for the first time. “It was not easy to prepare for the competition in just a year and a half. I trained six hours a day, in addition to my work. As I worked in the same gym, I could train there for free “But maintaining a balanced diet has become expensive, especially with my financial situation. I took out loans from a few people to continue my training and my diet,” she added.

It was not easy for Esther Rani because several people discouraged her. “When I asked for help, everyone laughed at me and said that I should focus on important things or even on other sports but not on bodybuilding because it’s not suitable for girls. Even my grandmother was not happy with my decision. But I have confidence in myself. After knowing about my efforts, a few people came forward to provide me with financial assistance,” she said.

Although she had to face difficulties, her colleagues supported and encouraged her. “I never thought I would receive such respect from other bodybuilders. But they welcomed me and praised my courage to take the first step and pave the way for other women in the field. bodybuilding,” she said.

She is currently preparing to compete in an international competition to be held in Andaman in July and aims to win a medal for the country. However, due to the financial crisis, she lacks funds and asked the government to support her so that she can publicize the state and the country.

Teresa E. Burton